Top Ten Beautiful Alien-Like Places on Earth

Some of the most beautiful places in the world look like they belong on another planet. These alien-like places are few and far between. While most of them are under strict control today, we almost lost many of them due to neglect and the natural progression of the population. If you ever want to know what it feels like to be on an alien planet, these wonderful and beautiful locations are as close as you can come. Read on and enjoy the stirring pictures of the top ten beautiful alien-like places on earth. If you have ever been to any of these or others that belong here, let us know what it was like in comments!

10. Blood Falls

McMurdo, Antarctica

McMurdo Dry Valleys in Antarctica is one of the most isolated and harshest places in the world. Nothing can survive in this place of subzero temperatures and icy winds, or so we thought. Then we noticed the blood red liquid draining from Taylor Glacier into Lake Bonney. It is almost as if some giant wounded the glacier with a spear and it is bleeding from the wound. Upon closer examination, scientific explorers made one of the most startling discoveries of our time. In a lifeless and alien-like place that is so harsh, nothing can survive we found primordial life. That “blood” that seeps from the wounded glacier is the stuff that life is made of. Somewhere else on our planet, millions of years ago, the very first life form crawled out of this same kind of primordial pool. So how does the basic, building block foundation of life survive for so long in conditions so contrary to it? How could it survive in conditions so bad that we would never think to look for it? We still do not have a definite answer. What we do have is a new question. If a basic form of life can form and survive in this hostile place, could it also be present on another planet? We at the list café do not know, but we know an interesting and beautiful place when we see one.

beautiful-alien-places-blood-falls2What scientists found is startling in that there is a living microbial ecosystem in a place where there is no oxygen. These microbes have devised a way to survive through manipulation of iron and sulfur compounds. While this should be impossible, scientist are considering the possibility of the first known form of life that can “carbonize” iron. These tiny microbes are “Fixing” the carbon dioxide that iron produces. The term “Fixing” means that they can convert carbon dioxide to organic molecules to be consumed, making them the most efficient CO2 fixers on the planet. The possibilities that arise from studying this process are as far reaching as anything ever discovered before. This is especially true if we could find a way to duplicate it.

9. Mud Volcanoes of Azerbaijan

Bozdagh, Azerbaijan

From the air, the mud volcanoes of Azerbaijan look like a giant witch’s cauldron, bubbling away on some cursed alien landscape. These mini-volcanoes, some as high as 650 feet above the ground, turn the coast of the Caspian Sea into a very dangerous place. A full 300 of the earth’s 700 mud volcanoes can be found here, ejecting millions of cubic meters of hydrocarbon gases into the atmosphere. beautiful-alien-places-mud-volcanoes-azerbaijan2They also throw mud hundreds of feet through the air. If the planet earth could fart, this is the place it would happen. In 2001, witnesses saw flames eject more than 50 feet and the mud volcano was still belching fire three days later. Despite the danger, people of the region claim that the mud has healing properties prompting health seekers around the world to make the trek to this alien-like place to bath in the mud.

To make the off planet experience even more vivid, there is a natural rock formation right in the midst of these volcanic mud monsters that makes music. When you strike the rock, it makes sounds like a tambourine. Music and a mud bath… sounds like a spa! They should hire a masseuse and charge money!

8. The Devil’s Postpile

California, USA

Mammoth Mountain in Madera County California is the home of Devil Postpile National Monument. Like an alien landscape, this columnar basalt cliff appears out of place from the rest of what used to be part of the Yosemite National Park lands. This strange formation was made by a lava flow that pooled to 400 feet and slowly seeped out. Then, amazingly, a glacier slowly moved through and polished the columns. The strange, alien-like structure was almost destroyed twice. Once during blasting for gold in the 1800s and then when a hydroelectric plant was scheduled to be built there. Walter L. Huber persuaded President Taft to declare the Devil’s Postpile a National Monument in 1911 and saved it for us. If you cannot make the trip to California, several of the Devil’s Postpile stones grace the entrance of the US Geological Survey Headquarters in Reston, Virginia.

7. Pamukkale Water Terraces

Denizli, Turkey

Hierapolis, Turkey is a renewed ancient city that was built from the ground up to accommodate Romans seeking the healing waters of the Cotton Castle, the name given to this weird and wonderful rock formation and ancient ruins. Looking at it, you would think you were deep in the Antarctic. beautiful-alien-places-mud-pamukkale-terraces2So blindingly white are the rocks. The Romans used the city and spa as a healing place. The world almost lost this rare wonder to neglect but fortunately, the cascading pools of white were restored to health by the locals. The water cascades down and forms bright white formations and pools that are only found in a couple of places on our planet, one of which has been destroyed by earthquake. Hot springs rich in calcium form and continue to feed the oyster shaped pools. It truly looks like something from another planet.

6. Lena’s Stone Pillars


This completely alien-like place of beauty may as well be on another planet. There is only one way to get to it and that involves a first leg flight from Moscow that is so long you could actually fly the same distance in the opposite direction to reach New York. Then you have to take a boat. The entire trip takes three to four days to complete but if you are into seeing things that the majority of the world’s population will never lay eyes on outside of a photograph, then it is well worth it. With no competing airlines, you can imagine the price they charge to get you there. From the air, Lena’s Stone Pillars, also called Lena’s stone forest, is so breathtaking as to leave you speechless. It literally looks like the rocks decided that they wanted to be trees and stood up next to the forest by the river. It is a truly amazing sight. The stone forest lines part of the bank of the River Lena, the largest river in Northern Siberia. It is considered to be a vital area for fossils and evidence of early man.

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