10 Comic Strip Characters that Never Age

Have you ever noticed how comic strip characters never seem to age? These priceless newspaper gems, many of which have been around for most of our lives, serve as a buffer to the daily drone of the news articles. This has been of particular comfort in the last few years where almost every article in the news has been bad news or bleak outlooks. How many of us are guilty of stealing the Sunday comics from the paper before anyone else has a chance to read them? Here is a list of comic strip characters who never grow old, either in age or in our hearts.

10. Cathy


Brainchild of Cathy Guisewite, this modern girl has been a modern girl since 1976. Her four main foibles are Food, Love, Mom, and Work, which the strip exploits to no end. Many previous fans of Cathy have soured and the strip has declined in popularity since the characters marriage to comic strip boyfriend on Valentines Day 2005. Cathy’s Mom never ages either which is not that unbelievable if you knew my Mother-in law, who will live FOREVER!

9. Heathcliff


The verdict is in. If you are a cat, you have a career in comic strips that is upwardly mobile. Heathcliff is another fat cat that is full of adventurous antics. Created by George Gately in 1973, Heathcliff and the gang made the leap to the small screen (television) with successful kid’s shows on more than one occasion. He was the star of Marvel Comics as well. Not only does this seemingly immortal kitty have what it takes, rumor has it that Tom Hanks will be supplying the voice of Heathcliff in an upcoming movie by Magic Lantern Entertainment.

8. Blondie


Blondie began its run in 1930. It is an amazing comic strip that chronicles the life of a hapless, everyday joe, named Dagwood, who is married to a dynamic, if not daffy blonde that is notably gorgeous and the image of the American dream wife of its time. When the strip first appeared, Blondie is a dance hall girl and her last name is Boopadoop. In 1933, she marries well to do Dagwood Bumstead who is disowned by his wealthy family for marrying below his station. They have two children and he is forced to make his way in a construction company, usually struggling to stay awake at his desk. The entire family stopped aging in the 1960s. In the 70’s, when original creator Murat Bernard “Chick” Young passed away, his son, Dean Young, picked up the mantle and continued to write this hugely popular series.

7. Dick Tracy


This slick dick is an American icon in pop culture, created by Chester Gould and debuting on October 4th, 1931, Dick Tracy is still going strong and fighting bad guys. One of the most amazing things about Tracy is his wristwatch communications device. Its seventy-nine years later and we are all about to be wearing one of these cool wristwatch cell phones. Of course, most of us will not be using them to fight crime against such bad guys as Flattop Jones and The Mole but we will probably be able to surf the web and even watch movies. Pretty cool for a guy who is at least 100 years old and still looks 35. Dick Tracy was the first strip to promote popular violence in comics and has numerous books, television shows, and even a movie or two. Rock on Dick, we are pulling for you.

6. Little Orphan Annie


The newspaper reading world bid little Orphan Annie a fond farewell on June 13, 2010, as the last installment ran on that Sunday. The strip, first created in May of 1924, Little Orphan Annie was originally titled Little Orphant Annie in the poem that inspired it. It is the story of an orphaned waif whose luck runs hot and cold. When the last strip ran in June, fewer than twenty newspapers were carrying it. It is a sad ending to a sad story because she remained a hard luck case for about a zillion years.

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