10 Comic Strip Characters that Never Age

5. Doonesbury


When Doonesbury first appeared it was followed by two types of people, those who loved the political incorrectness of it, or those who hated the political correctness of it, in either case, we followed it day in and day out like our lives depended on it. Doonesbury blurred the lines between comic strips and editorials like no other strip before or since and although the presidents came and went, the title characters were ageless to a large degree, growing only when the situation called for it. Its author, Gary Trudeau had a lot to say about government and society as a whole. Run date: September 68′ to current.

4. Andy Capp


Andy Capp and his wife Flo have been around since August 5th, 1957 and are still going strong. This is proof that 80-proof booze is a preservative, as if I needed a comic strip to figure that one out. (Again, with the Mother-in-law jokes.) Andy, who frequents the local pub at the chagrin of his wife, is rather insightful at times. Reg Smythe started the strip as a single panel but the popularity of the character demanded four panels and a star was pickled…I mean, born.

3. Peanuts



Charles Schultz took a putz of a bald headed sad case and turned him into America’s favorite son that we loved to pity. Rats! I will never understand why the word Rats never appeared on a tee shirt with his picture on it. Schultz could tell a sad story and make you laugh all the way through it, as you wept inside for poor Charlie Brown who could never do anything right. Almost every character he created for the strip had a following from the dirty little boy who carried the dust cloud with him wherever he went to the teacher whose voice was only a incomprehensible horn sound, we loved to tune in to the strip, cartoon, and feature length films to see what the peanuts gang was up to. Snoopy and Woodstock often stole the show with Linus providing comic relief and the psychiatrist Lucy and her five-cent solutions breaking up the monotony. Every bit a gem now as when it originated, Peanuts was created October 2nd 1950 and ran until the day after Charles Schultz died in February of the year 2000.

2. Garfield


Jim Davis scored an instant hit in 1976 with this feline with the dry sense of humor and the heart of gold. Do not let on about his heart of gold though. He masks his compassion behind a wall of sarcasm and a big love of lasagna. Together with his owner Jon Arbuckle and his friend, Odie, the brainless dog, Garfield has made the Guinness book or Records as the most syndicated comic of all time. This is one fat cat that may never die, being one of the few to make it to the big and small screen. Comedian Bill Murray took over Garfield’s vocal cord responsibilities as his “voice” in several movies.

1. Calvin & Hobbes


Okay, Hobbes I get. He is a stuffed animal and stuffed animals, as everyone knows, age a little differently. It is like 100 stuffed tiger years per one human year. This makes him less than a year old but Calvin, on the other hand is old enough to have kids of his own. The popular strip by Bill Watterson ran from 1985 to 1995 without Calvin aging a single day. He remained six for the life of the strip, which is still in rerun. Watterson sold 45 million copies of the 18 Calvin and Hobbes books. (Including the copy I purchased at age 35!) I have owned the book for 15 years and it is still on the hamper in the bathroom. I read it at least once a week. I know, get a life.

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