Ten Reasons You Should Masturbate

All through our lives, we have been told that sexual intercourse is the greatest recreational tool that we can ever have. Come to think of it, you can do it anywhere, it does not need any special accessory – unless you weren’t born normal – and it’s almost free, not counting paid sex and not counting the men who need to buy a Ferrari or a De Beers diamond necklace to get some tonight.

So if you need to have a reason for masturbating, here are ten of them:

10.   Masturbation gives relief.

It is a well known fact that sexual intercourse is good for your physical and mental makeup.  It gives quick relief from one’s sexual needs, and also gives a drowsy effect – the same that one gets after sexual intercourse.


9.   With masturbation, you begin to know your body better.

When you are masturbating, you are actually interacting with your body in the most intimate way possible.  While you are masturbating, you not only pay attention to your genital area, but to the reaction of your whole body in general, creating a greater awareness about it for yourself.


8.   Masturbation beats boredom.

This might seem funny, but sometimes, people masturbate because they are bored and have nothing else to do. Masturbating can be considered to be easiest, simplest, most economic, and most pleasurable way to beat boredom.


7.   Masturbation makes you last longer.

With masturbation, your reception to sexual ministrations is increased; also, your endurance to them is improved as well. This means that you would last longer on the field because your genitals have become used to be aroused for a longer while.


6.   Masturbation is medicine.

Masturbation is basically a way in which you can open up your body to the sexual wear and tear that it would experience in the real world. It is known to solve some sexual health problems in women, such as the inability to achieve an orgasm, or having lesser sexual arousal than normal. Masturbation also solves various medical issues in men like premature ejaculation. Of course, it is an important aspect too when it comes to beating the sexual addiction of some individuals.


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