Ten Reasons You Should Masturbate

5.   Masturbation gives you greater willpower.

Have you ever heard of the typical male boast, “I’d rather wank off than have it with her”? Well, apart from the fact that it reeks of machismo and general male ego, there is also an iota of truth in it. With masturbation, the craving for sexual intercourse decreases in both sexes. The funny part is that when masturbators do have sexual intercourse, they can knock the socks – and other garments – off their sexual partners!


4.  Masturbation increases the frequency of your orgasms.

Some individuals get more aroused when they see their partners having orgasms. Masturbation is known to increase the frequency of orgasms in both men as well as women, without making the person reach the plateau of sexual arousal afterwards. The plateau is the reason that a person feels very tired and dozes off after sexual intercourse.


3.  Masturbation is healthy.

Contrary to the popular belief that masturbation is unhealthy and that it is the devil himself at work, masturbation is known to have several health benefits, other than treating sexual dysfunction. For example, masturbation and orgasms help increase blood flow just like a workout and therefore leaves your skin looking great. It also helps people fight the effects of stress.  Masturbation makes the sexual organs of both sexes more potent, enhancing sexual intercourse as well.


2.  It differentiates between love and passion.

Several people are confused about whether they actually love someone or not. In fact, many express their love to someone just because they are overwhelmed with emotion after their orgasms. With masturbation, you would be able to differentiate between true love and pure passion. After all, if you orgasm very hard after a session of self-love, you don’t think about marrying your hand, do you?


1.  Masturbation gives you a sense of achievement.

Ever used a computer or driven a car? Ever tweaked something here and there so that it reaches its optimum use and gives you great value for money? Well, consider your body to be a machine and mind-blowing orgasms being just one of the many satisfactions that you could get out of your body. Would you not have a sense of achievement if you have a couple of orgasms that make you feel good about yourself and give you a greater sense of satisfaction?  This is another great reason for masturbation, not to mention the one that we all were born with – it’s natural!


So, are you convinced about the power of masturbation? What are you waiting for?

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