10 Weird Vending Machines

10-really-weird-vending-machinesCan you remember the good old days when the only thing you could get from a vending machine was a soda, a bag of chips, and some cigarettes? Well, not any more. Now you can buy just about anything from underwear, luxury cars, and even live animals. Here is a list of some of the weirdest and wackiest offerings from the electronic world of the vending machine. Break out your quarter’s people, and let’s go vending.

10. Gold to go


If you are one of those people who are always amazed at the ridiculous things rich people do well, here is your chance to once again say, “What will those rich people think of next?” The gold bar/coin vending machine made its debut in the Abu Dubai Hotel and it allows its rich patrons to purchase gold from a machine. The prices are checked globally every ten seconds and the best price is locked in for ten minutes so you get the correct prices every ten minutes. The bars and coins that this thing spits out weigh up to ten grams and are great for the investor on the run who wants to buy and sell at the best price.

9. Bike Vending Machine


Here is an idea that might go over well in London and Paris. The bike vending machine dispenses little bicycles that you can drop off at another destination closer to where you happen to be going. Unfortunately, the bikes are little bitty things with adjustable height seats so you look ridiculous. It looks like you stole a five year olds bike, slapped a new seat on it, and made your getaway. In Paris, there are stations all over the city from which you can rent bikes and drop them off.

Unfortunately, these places are not manned with real people and very often, there are either no bikes available or just the beat up ones with flat tires and missing pedals. This machine should be a hit there.

8. Luxury Car Vending Machine


The trick behind this is that you view the automobiles information and picture, make your selection, and receive a voucher that you present to the salesclerk who takes your info and hands you the keys. What could be easier than that? Someone finally figured out a way to get rid of those annoying animals, the Car Salesman. There is only one thing worse than a Car Salesman and that is a Used Car Salesmen.

Unfortunately, these vending machines sell luxury cars only. Wake me up when they start selling used ones.

7. Toilet Paper Vending Machine


If you were to take note of all the toilets in the world, you would find that the most commonly used toilet worldwide is a porcelain hole in the floor, not the sit down kind we enjoy in America and other Western countries. If you go into any toilet in the West, and in most places in Europe, there is toilet paper waiting for you as a courtesy. This is not so in the East and many places all across Asia. If you visit a bathroom there, you had best have paper with you. Lately, toilet paper vending machines are popping up so that visitors to that country do not have to walk around with a stinky bottom and a lesson that was hard learned.

6. Lobster Vending Machine


Those wacky Japanese have done it again. Okay, let’s say you’re sitting around minding your own business when suddenly you develop a craving for some butter-dipped lobster. Unfortunately, for you, Mr. Night Owl, the store is closed. What can you do? No problem, because now you can slip out to the lobster vending machine and grab a live one to boil at your leisure! How cool is that?

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