10 Weird Vending Machines

5. The Weed Vending Machine


Marijuana vending machines are stand alone, 24/7 weed machines for those nauseous among us who just do not have the time to go stand in that long line at the pharmacy. Unlike money machines, these reefer-pushing machines have to be guarded at all times. They produce two brands, pre-packaged and ready to consume. OG Crush and Granddaddy Purple wait for you here but first, you have to convince your doctor that you need it, then, you go to the pharmacy, have your fingerprints put on computer file and wait to be issued a prepaid credit card that only works in the weed ATM. It is a lot of hassle but I hear the Granddaddy Purple is well worth it!

4. Panty Vending Machine


Japan is most definitely a strange and wonderful place. Most strange, however, are the vending machines that you can find. Would you believe they sell panties out of vending machines? The sexy selections include the zebra skin and thong type that is supposed to get him in the mood. For those with more of an uncultured taste, you can buy used panties accompanied by a picture of the sexy ladies that wore them. (Or at least you could back in 1993) I think I know where this is going. It will not be long before you will see vending machines with prostitutes inside. Anyone wants to bet? I will be right here counting my quarters.

3. Break A China


Someone forgot to tell the passive makers of this machine that half the release, and the fun, in anger management is the physical throwing of objects before they break. The concept of this machine is a simple one. You drop in your money, a piece of fine china falls from the slot and breaks at the bottom of the machine. Wow, I feel better all ready. (NOT) This is a very dangerous game to play with stress. They do not realize what would happen if the china simply fell but did not break. I do not know about you but when I am frustrated to the point that something has to break and it does not, it is time to lash the machine to the back of my truck and drag it up and down the street until everything breaks. Then I would bring my mother-in-law in front of the judge with me. There isn’t a court in the world that would convict me.

2. Judaism Vending Machine


Apparently, the Japanese are not the only ones who can sell weird stuff out of a vending machine. Are you into Judaism and need something to read? Never fear, because you can buy Judeo educational material and booklets right out of a vending machine. Unfortunately, the only one that I know about is in a bus station in central Jerusalem. Sorry.

1. Bugs Vending Machine


I know that they like their beetles in Japan but did a Japanese executive pay 7 million yen ($95,000) for one bug? Fighting beetles is big in Japan, which drives the price of a good-sized beetle way up. Now you can purchase beetles right out of a vending machine. You just drop in your 400 yen and you get two big beetles. The machines are climate controlled and have to be serviced daily. Naturally, conservation groups in Japan are as hot as hornets. They are making a big stink about the selling of beetles through vending machines because they are worried that selling lives, even those of beetles, is setting a bad example for the children of Japan. They can kill a thousand whales but God forbid they sell a beetle.

Following the same trend, there’s a machine selling insects of all kind in Belgium (and possibly some other Countries). Don’t ask me what they are for because I’m as clueless as a dead Sherlock.

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