10 still unsolved mysteries

Throughout human history, we continually come across things that we can’t explain. These mysterious events have stumped scientists, researchers and paranormal enthusiasts for decades, and the more we learn, the more it seems some things will probably remain a mystery forever. These are unsolved mysteries that have defied the body of scientific knowledge and remain, after all this time, still… unsolved.

10. Where Did The Colonists of Roanoke Go?


One of the biggest mysteries of the 16th century was the Colony of Roanoke, Virginia, a group of around 200 people that were supposed to hold onto the settlement until more arrived from England. When the relief settlers arrived, the colonists were gone. They had completely disappeared with no indication of where they had gone. The only clue that was left behind was the word ‘Croatan’ carved into a post, and the word ‘Cro’ carved into a tree. There was a tribe of Indians called Croatan, which may have had something to do with the settler’s disappearance, or they may have gone to the nearby Croatan Island. However, neither lead turned up any result; the colony’s fate remains a mystery.

9. What’s the Secret of the Winchester Mystery House?


The Winchester Mystery House is a mansion located in San Jose, California. It was built by Sarah Winchester, a widow who had lost her husband and child and subsequently consulted with a medium who told her that she must build a house, and never stop building, for all the spirits of people killed by the Winchester rifles. Sarah Winchester did just that, but without any sort of plan. Now, the house has staircases that go nowhere, doors that are inaccessible, and secret passages everywhere. It is reported to be haunted still by the spirits of those people who passed away at the hands of a Winchester weapon.

The house is open to tourists or anyone who wishes to see a ghost, or see the odd mansion for themselves. Is this house truly haunted? You decide.

8. What Happened to the Capitol Building Cornerstone?


On September 19th, 1783, George Washington laid the United States Capitol Building Cornerstone. Because of changing architects, fires and various other mishaps, it would take nearly a hundred years to finish the building. As George Washington was a Freemason, and was wearing traditional Mason costume when laying the cornerstone, one of the main theories out there about the stone is that it was taken by the Freemason’s, either for safekeeping, or for some other purpose. Others insist that the United States Government is deliberately covering up the location, including the Office of the Architect of the Capitol. Was the Cornerstone hiding some sort of secret, particularly the type of secret that the Freemason’s or our government would want to keep hidden? Until the stone has been found, we will never know.

7. Who Was DB Cooper?


The mysterious hijacker that stole $200,000 and jumped from a plane en route to Mexico has never been identified. Here what is known about the incident. The man boarded Northwest Airlines Boeing 727, Flight 305 from Portland to Seattle and sat in seat 18C. He gave a note to a flight attendant that said he had a bomb and wanted $200,000 in cash and four parachutes. He purchased the ticket under the name Dan Cooper. A reporter later accidentally called him D.B. Cooper and it stuck. He jumped from the plane at night time, while it was at around 10,000 feet and was never heard from again. The only sign of him surfaced in the form of $5800 in $20 bills found by a child playing near the Columbia River, and was identified as part of the Cooper loot.

In 1995, a widow claimed that her husband was D.B. Cooper, as he admitted it on his deathbed. Her husband Duane Weber of Pensacola, Florida, confessed “I’m Dan Cooper”, before he died. This was not the first of such a claim, but it is the most likely probability of all of them. The now retired FBI agent in charge of the Cooper Case for nearly nine years, Ralph Himmelsbach, has investigated the claim and found it credible [source].

6. Do Ghosts Exist?


For centuries, and perhaps even from the beginning of evolved human existence we have believed in life after death, surviving to enter heaven, hell or purgatory, or as some believe, doomed to stay on earth in ethereal form, without a physical body, haunting the house they grew up in, or the site they were murdered. While science still cannot determine whether or not ghosts exist, there has been a huge amount of research done in recent years by paranormal investigators. The most common belief among these investigators is that ghosts do exist, either in intelligent spirit form or as more of a “tape recording”, called a residual haunting by those in the field. The Atlantic Paranormal Society, one of the largest paranormal groups in the world also defines poltergeist activity and demonic as types of haunts.

The discussion goes on and on, believers and skeptics, each in its side of the field. That is until someone manages to capture a ghost or soul a la Ghostbuster’s style. Pictures and videos are not irrefutable proof anymore, anywhere.

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