10 Ways to Die a Horrible, Horrible Death

Until some brainy scientists discover a way for us to live forever (and there are quite a few people working on it), we all have to die. But some ways of dying are better than others. How you will die is a subject that plagues most of us, and it is as fascinating of a topic as it is grotesque. Here are ten ways that we hope you don’t kick the proverbial bucket.

10. Starving to death


Starving to death isn’t actually that painful. In fact, it is quite comfortable, which is why it is this low on this list. Starving to death takes time, but after a certain amount of it, your body isn’t sending you signals that it is hungry, and eventually you will stop feeling thirsty as well. Obviously, we have all felt hunger, and while this signifies the very start of starvation, our bodies can survive for a long time on the fat and muscle that we have built up. However, it should be noted that starvation can also happen even if you are eating, by avoiding certain essential vitamins and nutrients. The World Health Organization calls starvation the number one risk to worldwide public health. Symptoms of starvation include lowered immune system, zero energy, blurry vision and painful movement.


9. Terminal Illness


One of the most common ways to die, but still one of the worse, is to know that you have a terminal illness and only have a certain amount of time to live. Cancer is a big killer, not only in the United States, but also around the world, killing more than 540,000 in 2009. The worst thing about a terminal illness is the pain and suffering that the person must endure, as well as a great deal of time to think about and fear the death that is coming. Sometimes pain can be managed through prescriptions, but those with a terminal illness are certain to suffer in the coming months or years.


8. Dehydration


Dehydration is quite similar to starving to death, but can kill you extremely fast in comparison. Dehydration can happen in a number of ways and causes a considerable number of deaths worldwide. Ways that a person can become dehydrated include diarrhea, excessive sweating, vomiting and the inability to drink fluids. Symptoms of hydration include dry mouth, no tears, muscle cramps, nausea, heart palpitations and lightheadness. You can die from dehydration in just a few days as opposed to more than a month with starvation.


7. Freezing to Death


Freezing certainly isn’t the worst way to go, but it isn’t ideal either. The medical term is hypothermia, and it happens when the body’s core temperature drops below 95 degrees F. Symptoms of hypothermia include sluggish speech and difficulty with motor function, as well as amnesia and blue and puffy skin. Also, the heart rate and the respiration rate slows down considerably. Oddly, those suffering from severe hypothermia often remove their clothes, possibly due to a huge amount of blood being pushed to the extremities, which can cause the person to think they are overheating.


6. Drowning


Drowning is one of the scariest methods of dying, probably because it is so possible. While it might not be conceivable to fall into a vat of acid or being eaten by wild boasts, drowning can happen just by visiting the beach or the local pool. According to the National Vital Statistics Report in 2002 there were nearly 4000 drowning deaths in the United States, making it number five on the list of accidental deaths. However, the World Health Organization reports 388,000 drowning deaths worldwide in 2004, making it third on the list of accidental injury deaths.
The actual cause of death from drowning happens as a result of asphyxia due to water intake, which makes the body unable to absorb oxygen and causes cerebral hypoxia and myocardial infarction.

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