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10 of the World’s Strangest Monuments and Statues


Typically, monuments and statues are built to celebrate an extraordinary life or commemorate a major event. However, not all of them are about heroic deeds; some even tend towards what is commonplace strange and bizarre, meant to shock and disturb they intend to pass a message that an ordinary monument would not. Here’s a gathering of some of the strangest around the World.

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Lights On – 10 Fascinating Bioluminescent Creatures


Some people hear the song “You Light Up My Life” (usually sung by Debbie Boone, but also performed by many other artists) and they think of their loved ones. Literalists, however, hear the familiar tune and think of bioluminescent animals like glowworms and fireflies. One can only wonder if the song was actually written by a glowworm or bioluminescent jellyfish for the apple of its eye. The following list details some of the animals that glow, be they far below the sea surface, flying around in the summer, or even the worms and fungi that glow in the pale light of caves. The glow is produced via a variety of chemical reactions with water or air. The creatures use their light for an interesting array of purposes. Some animals, such as the anglerfish, trap prey, and others use their lights as a warning of predators. It works both ways. Let’s take a look at the animals that glow from inside.

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Top 10 ugliest living ocean monstrosities

Angler Fish

Imagine walking down a dark ally late at night, and suddenly a mean, ugly mugger walks up to you and demands your wallet or purse (not that you should be walking in a dark ally at night). Now imagine being alone on a different planet surrounded by strange creatures you’ve never seen before. Now combine them both together and imagine yourself in the deep, dark, murky waters of the ocean. These ugly monstrosities really do exist, and I have the top ten right here to prove it.

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10 still unsolved mysteries


Throughout human history, we continually come across things that we can’t explain. These mysterious events have stumped scientists, researchers and paranormal enthusiasts for decades, and the more we learn, the more it seems some things will probably remain a mystery forever. These are unsolved mysteries that have defied the body of scientific knowledge and remain, after all this time, still… unsolved.

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Junk Artists – 10 Creative Works Made Out of Trash


Generally speaking, one man’s trash is another man’s… well, trash (that’s why they’re called “landfills” and not “land-empties”). But every now and then there’s a truly gifted artist who takes pedestrian, throw-away – even icky –items and transforms them into a fascinating conversation piece that can hold its own among the great art works of the world. Proving that there’s more than one way to recycle, here are ten creative works cut, crafted and carved from trash.

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10 Animals that Will Blow You Away… Literally


Welcome to the top ten list of exploding animals! Most of the wonderful collection of exploding animals shines the light of scrutiny on some of humanity’s most brilliantly idiotic ideas in the name of warfare ever devised. Top-10-Animals-that-Will-Blow-You-Away...-LiterallyThis fascinating exposé of tactical strategy will amaze you, sadden you, and enrage you, as the exploitation of some of the smartest and most loyal animals is, in some cases, still being inflicted. So very outrageous are some of these deeds that it will make you want to explode some people, like those responsible for some of this cruelty.

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Top 10 Oscar Winner Movies Made on a Low Budget


Big, extravagant movies that cost hundreds of millions of dollars to make are dominating the nomination list at the academy awards every year as moviemakers strive for the biggest projects using the newest technologies to get the movie lover’s money. These monstrosities command the box office worldwide trying to rake in more that they cost to produce. They dazzle us with special effects and incredulous storylines about space, aliens, and fabled dimensions. The goal of these history making motion pictures is to make back their investment and earn a huge profit. The bigger they are, the more they cost to make, the more they have to earn. Studios will spend more on advertising these behemoths than some of the movies on this list cost to make.

Top-10-Oscar-Winners-Made-on-a-Low-BudgetYet there is still hope for the underdog. The low budget productions that used to be the staple of our movie-going menu are still alive and kicking even in the shadow of these monumental epics and serial sagas. Money does not necessarily dictate quality and those who judge still know this. Quite often lately, as the Academy puts its faith in great acting, screenplay writing, and directing without looking at the hundreds of millions of dollars that went into the making of their extravagant competitors, smaller, low budget movies are still recognized for what they are, which is entertaining. Here is a list of these David’s that overcame their Goliaths to win the Best Picture Oscar. They are in no particular order, as it would be impossible to decide a winner from these winners. Therefore, read the list, check out the movies, and you-be-the-judge.

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Near to Death Experience Stories of 10 Famous Celebrities


When we think of celebrities, we tend to think of them as powerful, beautiful and, above all, immortal. The fact is, while many of them portray characters that will remain forever immortalized in a media format and imbedded in our consciousness and in our hearts, these celebrities near to Death experiences serve to show that celebrities are just as mortal as you and me. In this list we’ll have a look at how they came near Death and their description of the experience.

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Top 10 Historic Victories Against All Odds


Throughout History many battles were fought in the name of Conquest. Many were flawless victories to those posing the biggest armies; the sheer number of soldiers would force surrender on the opposing side less they were willing to face being slaughtered. There are however, exceptions to this rule. The following is a list of battles proving that sometimes honor, courage and superior military tactics bring the little guy a much deserved victory. After all, everyone likes to cheer for the underdog.

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10 Weird Vending Machines


10-really-weird-vending-machinesCan you remember the good old days when the only thing you could get from a vending machine was a soda, a bag of chips, and some cigarettes? Well, not any more. Now you can buy just about anything from underwear, luxury cars, and even live animals. Here is a list of some of the weirdest and wackiest offerings from the electronic world of the vending machine. Break out your quarter’s people, and let’s go vending.

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