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Top 10 Bizarre Animal Wannabe Body Modifications

Do you ever have the urge to purge by poking holes in your face and adding horns to the top of your head? What about splitting your tongue and covering yourself with more ink than the declaration of independence? (With the Bill of Rights thrown in for good measure) Why not just gouge your eyes out and stick a grenade in your mouth while you are at it. Piercing and such can be cool if done tastefully and with a small measure of restraint but some of these folks went just a little bit too far. Here is the top ten list of Bizarre Animal Wannabe Body Modifications. Psychotics welcome here.

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10 Embarrassing Men Moments and Ways Out of Them

This is a collection of random embarrassing situations that a man may experience at a given time in his life. We’ve done our homework and prepared a few ways to get out of the embarrassment in style. (well, most of the time) Be sure to follow them should you ever find yourself in one of these embarrassing situations. After that, just come here and share your results with us, we’d like to know how it went.

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10 Chilling Ancient Medical Treatments

medieval medical instruments

It is amazing to me how much suffering people have endured in the name of furthering medical science. From the first Stone Age medicine man until now, trial and error and superstition has played such a major role in medicine that were it not for the last hundred years, we have probably killed much more than we have cured. Some of the medical treatments you are about to read will shock you, and make you very happy that you were born in an era that is finally able to follow its own advice and “cause no harm.” Well, at least they cause less harm than they used to.

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10 Comic Strip Characters that Never Age

Have you ever noticed how comic strip characters never seem to age? These priceless newspaper gems, many of which have been around for most of our lives, serve as a buffer to the daily drone of the news articles. This has been of particular comfort in the last few years where almost every article in the news has been bad news or bleak outlooks. How many of us are guilty of stealing the Sunday comics from the paper before anyone else has a chance to read them? Here is a list of comic strip characters who never grow old, either in age or in our hearts.

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10 Visionary Inventions by Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) was a genius born before his time. He had a way of seeing everything connected rather than as different fields of science that enabled him to conceive of miraculous and wonderful inventions. Most of his ideas were written down and collected by him in notebooks. With over thirteen thousand pages in his lifetime, there are still notes and diagrams that we have yet to study. Here are but a few of the wondrous imaginings come true, all of which can be found in detail scattered throughout his notes. In this list we take a look at some of his most recognized inventions and developments.

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Top 10 Psycho Female Killers

Whenever you see a serial killer on the tube or see them in a movie, it is always some sick, crazy dude with a big knife or machete. Rarely do you hear or see any high body counts attributed to women. It is not fair, because… they are out there–lurking in our kitchens, driving our children to soccer practice, attending our PTA meetings. They like the fact that we have overlooked them because that means that we are not quick to suspect them when they do their dastardly deeds. They wait, they plot, and then they kill. Sometimes they just kill one. Sometimes they kill forty. Sometimes, they do not even need a weapon to wipe out an entire family. They are women, but you will not hear them roar. Read this list. It might prepare you for the woman that you bumped into at the post office, the one that you cut in front of at the supermarket or yelled at in traffic. She might even be outside your window right now, in the dark, waiting for you to turn out the light. If you know of a good one not listed her, give us a shout out.

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Top 10 Disgusting Human Parasites

Warning: Disgusting Content | Not recommended to sensitive Stomachs |

As if there were not already enough ways to get sick and die, humankind is still fighting the one enemy he cannot see coming. The parasite is one of the most insidious of villains and has been around longer than we have. It is a war, people, so arm yourselves with knowledge because that and modern medicine is all we have for weapons.
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Ten Less-Known Fascinating Facts About Your Skin

Skin varies in type, color and texture from one person to another; but despite this divergence, everyone’s skin serves one main purpose, and that is: to protect the inside of the body. People are quite conscious of skin on some locations of the body, especially the more visible ones, like facial skin and the skin of your arms and legs. Generally though, we think of skin as something that’s always been there since we were born and as long we take reasonable care of it, it will continue to function as it should. Thus, in a sense, skin is probably one of the most taken-for-granted parts of the human body and most people know very little about skin. Here are some fascinating basic facts about your skin that not so many people know about.

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