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Top 10 Most Venomous Snakes

Top 10 most venomous snakes

Like it or not, snakes are beautiful animals; they are one of Mother Nature’s most prolific predators. Snakes have developed and perfected one of Nature’s most terrifying and effective weapons… poisonous fangs. Although most of the World’s snakes are in fact non-venomous, the ladies on the following list center their attack (or defense) around extremely potent toxins. They are so effective it only takes a tiny fraction of what they inject into their prey to kill them.

The following list is based on their killing potential, meaning, how many lab rats they can actually kill in one bite and then translate that to potential human deaths —assuming a 150 pound (70kg) human being and 20 gram mice. This list isn’t about the most dangerous snakes or the most toxic drop for drop venoms; it is based on a simple calculation of the average venom yield per bite and its toxicity when administered to lab rats. Of course the human metabolism is different than that of a rat; therefore take the results in humans with a grain of salt. Read more

Top 10 cruel torture methods

If you think that torture was something that existed only in the so-called Middle or Dark Ages, you would have to think again. Torture is still very much a part of the repertoire of law-abiding as well as lawless institutions and unscrupulous organizations. Every once in a while, the media unveils instances of torture.

A recent well-reported case is the torture of the members of the Iraqi football team by Saddam Hussein’s eldest son, Uday Hussein, when they lost a match. Torturers caned the soles of the players’ feet, or made them kick a ball made of concrete. Cases of torturing prisoners have also been reported in the United States, showing that this method of interrogation is not limited to a particular period or country.

In this list, only torture methods that do not require any special device built purposively for inflicting pain have been considered. Specially made torture devices will be in another list.

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10 Amazing Survival Stories That Turned Into Great Books

Life is an undeniable force. To be alive, to laugh, to love, and to feel love, these are the things that the human spirit thrives on and is what enables us to brave unbelievable hardships and endure unimaginable pain in order to hang on to every precious moment of it. 10-amazing-survival-stories-that-turned-into-great-booksHave you ever wondered what you would do if put into a situation of extreme survive or die decisions? These ten books are an amazing example of the indomitable human spirit and ten ordinary men who go to extraordinary lengths to survive. If you love to be inspired, read on and find out why you should get these wonderfully exhilarating books and learn what these brave people had to do to survive.

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Top 10 Historic Brutal Executions

Capital punishment has come a long way as far as our styles of execution. In most civilized countries, we have humanitarian ways to put criminals to death. Even in third world or semi civilized countries and kingdoms, beheading is pretty much the worst of it. We also hear of torture and humiliation techniques that we believe to be inhumane and downright barbaric. Folks, what happens in today’s world are child’s play as compared to how we used to carry out punishments just a few hundred years ago. In fact, humankind has become downright gentlemen about capital punishment. Read on as you discover the horrible and painful ways in which brutal executions were carried out in our Top Ten List of Historic Brutal Executions.

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Ten Things You May Not Know About Cats

Cats can talk. Researchers have recently learned how cats say I love you. It sounds crazy but it is true. They will also understand if you return the gesture. There you sit, all comfortable in your chair when suddenly, your house cats jumps into your lap and nestles down to get just as cozy. It begins to purr, letting you know that it’s content and happy. If you have ever noticed at moments like this, your cat will look into your eyes and slowly blink. It is that slow blink, researchers now know, that means I love you. They also found that the portion of a cats brain that responds to love become active if you look down and copy the slow blink. You can tell your cat that you love it and it will understand. Continue to read for more fun and interesting facts about the amazing cat.

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10 Theories about the Death of Adolf Hitler

Humanity had and still has many controversial personalities whose lives continue to fascinate us even after their deaths. They remain large in our memories, and no matter how much time has passed, some people continue to believe they are still alive and among us. Adolf Hitler is certainly one personality whose death continues to be shrouded in mystery.

Hitler’s reign over Germany can be considered one of the most enigmatic incidents in history. Not much is known about the fine points of the last moments of the Nazi Regime over Germany, and so vast and so intense was this reign that people always found a place for conspiracy theories and fictional plotlines to be integrated into what facts we have. Some of the conspiracy theories are quite practical; some are quite romantic, while others are absolutely fantastic. No matter what people believe, these conspiracy theories keep Hitler’s death shrouded in mystery, with some saying that he actually escaped and others saying that he died a death worthy of some of the greatest war criminals.

Here are some of the theories about how Adolf Hitler died (or where he actually went after pretending to have died). Read more

Top 10 worst toxic substances

Toxicity is usually measured in mouse units (MU), representing a dose of toxin that kills 50% of mice (LD50) when exposed to the toxic substance. In the following list ten of the most acute substances are ordered from least to most severe, a lethal dose for a 90kg individual is also shown. Although there are a lot more toxins and toxicants, these ten are well known and vary a lot in their respective lethal dose.

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Ten Reasons You Should Masturbate

All through our lives, we have been told that sexual intercourse is the greatest recreational tool that we can ever have. Come to think of it, you can do it anywhere, it does not need any special accessory – unless you weren’t born normal – and it’s almost free, not counting paid sex and not counting the men who need to buy a Ferrari or a De Beers diamond necklace to get some tonight.

So if you need to have a reason for masturbating, here are ten of them:

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Top 10 sick sexual fetishes

Paraphilias are known as powerful, sexual interests in sexual acts other than between two consenting adults.  There are approximately over 500 different paraphilias.  Sexual arousal, like allergies, can be caused by anything under the sun, and even may include the sun.  Some may be odd but not illegal.  Others are from twisted, deviant minds.  Their sexual desires go beyond what most consider “normal”.  Delve into the darkest parts of desire and sexual arousal.

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Top 10 Demons that may visit you at home

As children, we were told that on December 25, in the wee hours of the morning, a jolly old fat man named Santa Clause would slide down the chimney and leave loads of gifts to all the good little children. We were also told that the Easter bunny would leave candy and eggs, the Tooth fairy would leave money, and that, given the right motivation (being loaded on a jetliner), pigs could fly. Well, here is one you can believe, Demons exist, they are all around us, and here is the list to prove it.

Alfonso de Spina, in 1467, compiled this classification of demons, based on German folklore and other European countries. The criterion for this classification was inspired by legends and stories, and as real to our ancestors then as it is to the Church, Demonology, Occultism, and practitioners of Renaissance magic today. Here, I use six of his ten, the rest are mine picks.

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