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10 Bizarre body deformation practices

Whether you are into it or not, you have to admit that there are times when body deformation can be taken to the extreme to such a point as to say, hey, enough is enough. Some people think of it as a form of self-expression. Others believe that if it changes your natural appearance, you are hiding behind deformation and are expressing that you do not like your self. Like anything else, body deformation has its followers. Read on, dear reader and let us know which side of the fence these items fall under.

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10 Creative Ways to Smuggle Your Drugs… or Not

Nearly everyone who hasn’t been buried under a rock over the past ten years has heard at least one story of a criminal drug trafficker trying to smuggle their drugs somewhere either up their bum-bums, in their va-jay-jays or even by swallowing condoms stuffed with coke, (only to have the condom burst in their stomach resulting in them dying the most speed-rushed death a Scarface-wannabe could hope for). Through the pains of addiction and the pains of cramming hundreds of small baggies filled with powder in one’s rear, drug traffickers and addicts have begun trying more and more ridiculous and innovative ways to get their drugs in places that drugs should not be, whether that’s jail, across borders or out of the sight of police.
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