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10 of the World’s Strangest Monuments and Statues

Typically, monuments and statues are built to celebrate an extraordinary life or commemorate a major event. However, not all of them are about heroic deeds; some even tend towards what is commonplace strange and bizarre, meant to shock and disturb they intend to pass a message that an ordinary monument would not. Here’s a gathering of some of the strangest around the World.

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Junk Artists – 10 Creative Works Made Out of Trash

Generally speaking, one man’s trash is another man’s… well, trash (that’s why they’re called “landfills” and not “land-empties”). But every now and then there’s a truly gifted artist who takes pedestrian, throw-away – even icky –items and transforms them into a fascinating conversation piece that can hold its own among the great art works of the world. Proving that there’s more than one way to recycle, here are ten creative works cut, crafted and carved from trash.

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Top 10 Oscar Winner Movies Made on a Low Budget

Big, extravagant movies that cost hundreds of millions of dollars to make are dominating the nomination list at the academy awards every year as moviemakers strive for the biggest projects using the newest technologies to get the movie lover’s money. These monstrosities command the box office worldwide trying to rake in more that they cost to produce. They dazzle us with special effects and incredulous storylines about space, aliens, and fabled dimensions. The goal of these history making motion pictures is to make back their investment and earn a huge profit. The bigger they are, the more they cost to make, the more they have to earn. Studios will spend more on advertising these behemoths than some of the movies on this list cost to make.

Top-10-Oscar-Winners-Made-on-a-Low-BudgetYet there is still hope for the underdog. The low budget productions that used to be the staple of our movie-going menu are still alive and kicking even in the shadow of these monumental epics and serial sagas. Money does not necessarily dictate quality and those who judge still know this. Quite often lately, as the Academy puts its faith in great acting, screenplay writing, and directing without looking at the hundreds of millions of dollars that went into the making of their extravagant competitors, smaller, low budget movies are still recognized for what they are, which is entertaining. Here is a list of these David’s that overcame their Goliaths to win the Best Picture Oscar. They are in no particular order, as it would be impossible to decide a winner from these winners. Therefore, read the list, check out the movies, and you-be-the-judge.

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Near to Death Experience Stories of 10 Famous Celebrities

When we think of celebrities, we tend to think of them as powerful, beautiful and, above all, immortal. The fact is, while many of them portray characters that will remain forever immortalized in a media format and imbedded in our consciousness and in our hearts, these celebrities near to Death experiences serve to show that celebrities are just as mortal as you and me. In this list we’ll have a look at how they came near Death and their description of the experience.

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10 Films Based on Urban Legends

Urban Legends are the stories we were regaled with as children about horrible things that are purported to be true. No one knows where these rumors begin or how they grow into such popular legend, which only lends to their believability and fascination. These Urban Legends are excellent fodder for moviemakers who know how to make a quick buck and lucky for us, some of them are very entertaining. Here is the Top Ten List of Films based on Urban Legends. Read and enjoy but be careful, some of these may be true! If you really want to find out take a candle into the bathroom tonight and, with the lights out, say Candyman five times into the mirror.


10. The Wraith



The Wraith is an overlooked gem starring Charlie Sheen, John Cassavetes, and Randy Quaid, among others. This is one of those films that you see on your local independent station on Saturday afternoons and think, “hmmm, I forgot about that one.” Urban legends about immortal cars and their ghost drivers have been around since the 50’s and almost always involve revenge. Perhaps the most famous of these films waits for you in the number nine spot with the motor running.

9. Christine



Stephen King knows what it takes to bring an Urban Legend to life and does so quite eerily with Christine. Nerdy Arnie is a lonely kid who only has one friend, that is, until he meets Christine. Unfortunately, Christine is a very jealous car. Although owning Christine has given Arnie more confidence and purpose, she is a vindictive bitch who has killed before. When Arnie and his newfound confidence score a girlfriend, Christine starts killing again, and again, and…well, you get the picture. How cool is it that Christine is a 1958 Plymouth Fury? It is very cool. John Carpenter directs.

8. Maximum Overdrive



Another Car movie (sort of) and another one of Martin Sheen’s kids get in on the fun as Maximum Overdrive rounds off our first 3 spots as we count our way down the list. The Character portrayed by Emilio Estevez finds himself trapped in a diner along with several other travelers as the earth’s movement through the tail of a comet brings machines to life. Their vehicles literally try to kill them but not before demanding that they pump a little fuel for them. Don’t you hate it when that happens? This was Stephen’s first attempt at directing. We can only hope it will be his last.

7. Urban Legend



The original Urban Legend is about a killer that uses urban legends as his M.O. and hits the list at a trot, the second and third installments slip further and further from the original premise. It is okay though because the acting is pretty good and there is plenty of blood and sometimes too much plot. The original has the killer following the pattern of legends that we all heard as kids and is pretty creepy. The very first kill is the stuttering gas station attendant who we believe to be harassing a girl but in reality, he was trying to warn her there is someone in her back seat. The next victim is the boyfriend hung from a tree with his fingers scraping the top of the car with the girl in it. Several other legends are carried out in gruesome detail. If you like urban legends then you’ll love Urban Legend.

6. Popcorn



Popcorn is pop corny. This would include the corny tag line of the movie poster, “Buy a bag; Go home in a box.” Being corny actually works in this films favor and it turns out to be very entertaining. I have to wonder why anyone would want to go to college, as being a college student seems to be pretty hazardous to your health, at least, if you gauge it by slasher movie standards. In this flick, college students hold a horror film festival. Unfortunately for them, the theater they choose is being stalked by a killer. The bodies pile up one by one until a few of the more resilient students maneuver their way around a plot with more obvious twists than a pair of pretzels playing twister, and figure out what’s going on.

Top 10 Pathetic Movie Villains

top-10-pathetic-movie-villainsAll movie heroes live or die because of the villains. If not for Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker would have had a humdrum (yes, ho-hum, too) background; Batman would have been fighting grime instead of crime if The Joker wasn’t there for him to figure out; and James Bond would probably be working in a small cubicle filing documents if it weren’t for Blofeld, et al. But just as there are ersatz super heroes, there are also cardboard cut-out, cheap copy cat, discounted price villain understudies whose sole reason for existence is to merely get kicked around by the heroes. So let’s celebrate the top 10 pathetic movie villains in cinema history; these miserable guys who either lack the power, the competence or clearly don’t have a clue on how to be fantastic bad guys, they obviously wouldn’t know how to take over the universe if they were the last ten people alive on Earth.

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Top 10 Notable Large Artillery Pieces

If you look at the modern artillery that contemporary armies use today, you wouldn’t believe how far they’ve truly come. Large artillery has existed in some shape or size for centuries. If you looked back to the medieval times, the heavy mortar cannons of their day were huge wooden catapults and trebuchets launching gigantic boulders or flaming tar barrels. With the discovery of gunpowder and the progress of military weaponry, the destructive force has become more menacing, but the devices have gotten gradually smaller. Here we look back at the iconic and infamous milestones in the history of large artillery, there are a few surprises too.

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Top 10 Bizarre Animal Wannabe Body Modifications

Do you ever have the urge to purge by poking holes in your face and adding horns to the top of your head? What about splitting your tongue and covering yourself with more ink than the declaration of independence? (With the Bill of Rights thrown in for good measure) Why not just gouge your eyes out and stick a grenade in your mouth while you are at it. Piercing and such can be cool if done tastefully and with a small measure of restraint but some of these folks went just a little bit too far. Here is the top ten list of Bizarre Animal Wannabe Body Modifications. Psychotics welcome here.

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10 Comic Strip Characters that Never Age

Have you ever noticed how comic strip characters never seem to age? These priceless newspaper gems, many of which have been around for most of our lives, serve as a buffer to the daily drone of the news articles. This has been of particular comfort in the last few years where almost every article in the news has been bad news or bleak outlooks. How many of us are guilty of stealing the Sunday comics from the paper before anyone else has a chance to read them? Here is a list of comic strip characters who never grow old, either in age or in our hearts.

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10 Amazing Survival Stories That Turned Into Great Books

Life is an undeniable force. To be alive, to laugh, to love, and to feel love, these are the things that the human spirit thrives on and is what enables us to brave unbelievable hardships and endure unimaginable pain in order to hang on to every precious moment of it. 10-amazing-survival-stories-that-turned-into-great-booksHave you ever wondered what you would do if put into a situation of extreme survive or die decisions? These ten books are an amazing example of the indomitable human spirit and ten ordinary men who go to extraordinary lengths to survive. If you love to be inspired, read on and find out why you should get these wonderfully exhilarating books and learn what these brave people had to do to survive.

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