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Junk Artists – 10 Creative Works Made Out of Trash

Generally speaking, one man’s trash is another man’s… well, trash (that’s why they’re called “landfills” and not “land-empties”). But every now and then there’s a truly gifted artist who takes pedestrian, throw-away – even icky –items and transforms them into a fascinating conversation piece that can hold its own among the great art works of the world. Proving that there’s more than one way to recycle, here are ten creative works cut, crafted and carved from trash.

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Top 10 Notable Large Artillery Pieces

If you look at the modern artillery that contemporary armies use today, you wouldn’t believe how far they’ve truly come. Large artillery has existed in some shape or size for centuries. If you looked back to the medieval times, the heavy mortar cannons of their day were huge wooden catapults and trebuchets launching gigantic boulders or flaming tar barrels. With the discovery of gunpowder and the progress of military weaponry, the destructive force has become more menacing, but the devices have gotten gradually smaller. Here we look back at the iconic and infamous milestones in the history of large artillery, there are a few surprises too.

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Top 10 Bizarre Animal Wannabe Body Modifications

Do you ever have the urge to purge by poking holes in your face and adding horns to the top of your head? What about splitting your tongue and covering yourself with more ink than the declaration of independence? (With the Bill of Rights thrown in for good measure) Why not just gouge your eyes out and stick a grenade in your mouth while you are at it. Piercing and such can be cool if done tastefully and with a small measure of restraint but some of these folks went just a little bit too far. Here is the top ten list of Bizarre Animal Wannabe Body Modifications. Psychotics welcome here.

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