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10 Comic Strip Characters that Never Age

Have you ever noticed how comic strip characters never seem to age? These priceless newspaper gems, many of which have been around for most of our lives, serve as a buffer to the daily drone of the news articles. This has been of particular comfort in the last few years where almost every article in the news has been bad news or bleak outlooks. How many of us are guilty of stealing the Sunday comics from the paper before anyone else has a chance to read them? Here is a list of comic strip characters who never grow old, either in age or in our hearts.

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10 Amazing Survival Stories That Turned Into Great Books

Life is an undeniable force. To be alive, to laugh, to love, and to feel love, these are the things that the human spirit thrives on and is what enables us to brave unbelievable hardships and endure unimaginable pain in order to hang on to every precious moment of it. 10-amazing-survival-stories-that-turned-into-great-booksHave you ever wondered what you would do if put into a situation of extreme survive or die decisions? These ten books are an amazing example of the indomitable human spirit and ten ordinary men who go to extraordinary lengths to survive. If you love to be inspired, read on and find out why you should get these wonderfully exhilarating books and learn what these brave people had to do to survive.

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