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10 of the World’s Strangest Monuments and Statues

Typically, monuments and statues are built to celebrate an extraordinary life or commemorate a major event. However, not all of them are about heroic deeds; some even tend towards what is commonplace strange and bizarre, meant to shock and disturb they intend to pass a message that an ordinary monument would not. Here’s a gathering of some of the strangest around the World.

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Near to Death Experience Stories of 10 Famous Celebrities

When we think of celebrities, we tend to think of them as powerful, beautiful and, above all, immortal. The fact is, while many of them portray characters that will remain forever immortalized in a media format and imbedded in our consciousness and in our hearts, these celebrities near to Death experiences serve to show that celebrities are just as mortal as you and me. In this list we’ll have a look at how they came near Death and their description of the experience.

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Top 10 Historic Victories Against All Odds

Throughout History many battles were fought in the name of Conquest. Many were flawless victories to those posing the biggest armies; the sheer number of soldiers would force surrender on the opposing side less they were willing to face being slaughtered. There are however, exceptions to this rule. The following is a list of battles proving that sometimes honor, courage and superior military tactics bring the little guy a much deserved victory. After all, everyone likes to cheer for the underdog.

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Top 10 Disgusting Seafood Delicacies

Tired of the hum-drum, boring selection of foods available at your local grocery store or restaurant? Think maybe a mouthful of decaying flesh, urine-scented jelly or still-squirming critters are more to your taste (literally)? In that case, take a glance at this list of truly disgusting seafood delicacies. Warning: unless you regularly dine like a Disney villain, it may spoil your appetite.

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Top 10 Causes of Death in Humans

Death, it is as inevitable and inescapable as…well, there is nothing with which it compares. There is just no way around it. Without death, however, there would be no human race. There would be no room for it. We have one planet, just one. As part of a checks and balances system we have to die in order to continue to exist as a species. Every human being understands this, deep down, at our core. With our population growing faster than our life spans can check our growth, we will very soon out grow our living space so without knowing it, we help death along by killing enough of our own to try to maintain the balance. Nature does her part as well. Here are the top ten things that kill people most in the world so that we do not become as extinct as the dinosaurs before us that faced a similar problem. (and you see how that turned out).

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Top 10 Unusual Ways to Dispose of the Dead

Death and taxes may be two things in life you can be sure of, but when it comes to that last big sent off, customs can be as different as day and night. While every culture honors the memory of the departed in some way, just what those ways are tends to reflect that society’s lifestyle, beliefs, and superstitions. Burying the dead is seen as a respectful way of keeping the corpse away from animal scavengers while providing closure for the living. With that in mind, looking at the most bizarre burial customs will give us a unique look into the heart and soul of people around the world.

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Top 10 Bizarre Animal Wannabe Body Modifications

Do you ever have the urge to purge by poking holes in your face and adding horns to the top of your head? What about splitting your tongue and covering yourself with more ink than the declaration of independence? (With the Bill of Rights thrown in for good measure) Why not just gouge your eyes out and stick a grenade in your mouth while you are at it. Piercing and such can be cool if done tastefully and with a small measure of restraint but some of these folks went just a little bit too far. Here is the top ten list of Bizarre Animal Wannabe Body Modifications. Psychotics welcome here.

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10 Chilling Ancient Medical Treatments

medieval medical instruments

It is amazing to me how much suffering people have endured in the name of furthering medical science. From the first Stone Age medicine man until now, trial and error and superstition has played such a major role in medicine that were it not for the last hundred years, we have probably killed much more than we have cured. Some of the medical treatments you are about to read will shock you, and make you very happy that you were born in an era that is finally able to follow its own advice and “cause no harm.” Well, at least they cause less harm than they used to.

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10 Visionary Inventions by Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) was a genius born before his time. He had a way of seeing everything connected rather than as different fields of science that enabled him to conceive of miraculous and wonderful inventions. Most of his ideas were written down and collected by him in notebooks. With over thirteen thousand pages in his lifetime, there are still notes and diagrams that we have yet to study. Here are but a few of the wondrous imaginings come true, all of which can be found in detail scattered throughout his notes. In this list we take a look at some of his most recognized inventions and developments.

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