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10 of the World’s Strangest Monuments and Statues

Typically, monuments and statues are built to celebrate an extraordinary life or commemorate a major event. However, not all of them are about heroic deeds; some even tend towards what is commonplace strange and bizarre, meant to shock and disturb they intend to pass a message that an ordinary monument would not. Here’s a gathering of some of the strangest around the World.

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Top 10 Historic Victories Against All Odds

Throughout History many battles were fought in the name of Conquest. Many were flawless victories to those posing the biggest armies; the sheer number of soldiers would force surrender on the opposing side less they were willing to face being slaughtered. There are however, exceptions to this rule. The following is a list of battles proving that sometimes honor, courage and superior military tactics bring the little guy a much deserved victory. After all, everyone likes to cheer for the underdog.

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