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Top 10 Weird and Rare Syndromes

Think you got it bad with all your health problems? There is always someone somewhere in the world that has it worse. You could have some rare illness that makes you howl at the moon or chase people around, begging them for cow manure to eat. It does happen. To make you feel better about all your aches and pains, check out what some people have to deal with in their lives.
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Top 10 Disgusting Human Parasites

Warning: Disgusting Content | Not recommended to sensitive Stomachs |

As if there were not already enough ways to get sick and die, humankind is still fighting the one enemy he cannot see coming. The parasite is one of the most insidious of villains and has been around longer than we have. It is a war, people, so arm yourselves with knowledge because that and modern medicine is all we have for weapons.
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Ten Less-Known Fascinating Facts About Your Skin

Skin varies in type, color and texture from one person to another; but despite this divergence, everyone’s skin serves one main purpose, and that is: to protect the inside of the body. People are quite conscious of skin on some locations of the body, especially the more visible ones, like facial skin and the skin of your arms and legs. Generally though, we think of skin as something that’s always been there since we were born and as long we take reasonable care of it, it will continue to function as it should. Thus, in a sense, skin is probably one of the most taken-for-granted parts of the human body and most people know very little about skin. Here are some fascinating basic facts about your skin that not so many people know about.

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10 Amazing Survival Stories That Turned Into Great Books

Life is an undeniable force. To be alive, to laugh, to love, and to feel love, these are the things that the human spirit thrives on and is what enables us to brave unbelievable hardships and endure unimaginable pain in order to hang on to every precious moment of it. 10-amazing-survival-stories-that-turned-into-great-booksHave you ever wondered what you would do if put into a situation of extreme survive or die decisions? These ten books are an amazing example of the indomitable human spirit and ten ordinary men who go to extraordinary lengths to survive. If you love to be inspired, read on and find out why you should get these wonderfully exhilarating books and learn what these brave people had to do to survive.

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10 Theories about the Death of Adolf Hitler

Humanity had and still has many controversial personalities whose lives continue to fascinate us even after their deaths. They remain large in our memories, and no matter how much time has passed, some people continue to believe they are still alive and among us. Adolf Hitler is certainly one personality whose death continues to be shrouded in mystery.

Hitler’s reign over Germany can be considered one of the most enigmatic incidents in history. Not much is known about the fine points of the last moments of the Nazi Regime over Germany, and so vast and so intense was this reign that people always found a place for conspiracy theories and fictional plotlines to be integrated into what facts we have. Some of the conspiracy theories are quite practical; some are quite romantic, while others are absolutely fantastic. No matter what people believe, these conspiracy theories keep Hitler’s death shrouded in mystery, with some saying that he actually escaped and others saying that he died a death worthy of some of the greatest war criminals.

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Top 10 worst toxic substances

Toxicity is usually measured in mouse units (MU), representing a dose of toxin that kills 50% of mice (LD50) when exposed to the toxic substance. In the following list ten of the most acute substances are ordered from least to most severe, a lethal dose for a 90kg individual is also shown. Although there are a lot more toxins and toxicants, these ten are well known and vary a lot in their respective lethal dose.

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Top 10 Demons that may visit you at home

As children, we were told that on December 25, in the wee hours of the morning, a jolly old fat man named Santa Clause would slide down the chimney and leave loads of gifts to all the good little children. We were also told that the Easter bunny would leave candy and eggs, the Tooth fairy would leave money, and that, given the right motivation (being loaded on a jetliner), pigs could fly. Well, here is one you can believe, Demons exist, they are all around us, and here is the list to prove it.

Alfonso de Spina, in 1467, compiled this classification of demons, based on German folklore and other European countries. The criterion for this classification was inspired by legends and stories, and as real to our ancestors then as it is to the Church, Demonology, Occultism, and practitioners of Renaissance magic today. Here, I use six of his ten, the rest are mine picks.

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10 Stupid (what else) Darwin Award Winners

‘Survival of the Fittest’ states that those best suited to their environment will have a better chance of survival and will therefore pass on his genes to the next generation. Unfortunately, (or fortunately) human advancements in science, medicine and technology have countered the effects of survival of the fittest in Homo sapiens, meaning that any moron is free to survive and pass on his moron genes to his moron offspring. But wait all is not lost, as long as there is stupidity, there will be people taking themselves out of the gene pool in a range of idiotic antics and accidents. Yes it’s the Darwin Awards and here’s my top ten favorites.

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The Top Ten Most EVIL Popes

Evil is a familiar and ugly face. Rearing and peeking around dimly lit cities and alley ways at night, evil stealthily rapes, murders and tortures its victims. Evil Popes have riddled the history of the Vatican more frequently than most nations have ever seen a tyrant ruler. While a majority of black-hearted, evil men and women are brought to justice in today’s world, it is sad to know that some sources of evil cannot be vanquished as easily as a court verdict. Perhaps more abhorrent than that, is the fact that evil still hides away waiting to take more victims. Worse still is the plagued history of truly evil acts that have been committed throughout all nations. When evil deeds are done in the name of God, they not only scar our histories with shame, they blaspheme in the highest against our benevolent creator. It is only at the very pit of evil where all things are frozen in Hell from the constantly lamenting, flapping wings of Satan do we find places for the men described here. Those who’ve propagandized and spread evil throughout the world while sitting on the Throne of Peter have claimed justification through the Lord. What is to follow may disturb you, upset you and ideally cause you to shed a tear over the tragic misdirection of the evil that has been demonstrated within the office of the papacy.
*Note: As a disclaimer for this controversial topic, the statements following have been verified across several esteemed informational sites. Though the information presented is widely accepted as fact, not all sources will cite the exact information presented, if they cite information on these topics at all. The List Cafe and author’s opinions are not expressly represented in what is to follow. Thank you.

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