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Top 10 Disgusting Exotic Jobs

The definition of disgusting is two vampires fighting over a bloody kotex. top-10-disgusting-exotic-jobsEven more disgusting than this, however, would be the job of the guy (or gal) who has to clean up after them. Speaking of disgusting jobs, here is the Top Ten Most Disgusting Jobs List. If you have a job that is more disgusting than the jobs on this list, you can look on these gross positions with an envious eye (and nose) and sigh because you have earned the right to be depressed. Go, and drink yourself to death with our blessings.

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10 Embarrassing Men Moments and Ways Out of Them

This is a collection of random embarrassing situations that a man may experience at a given time in his life. We’ve done our homework and prepared a few ways to get out of the embarrassment in style. (well, most of the time) Be sure to follow them should you ever find yourself in one of these embarrassing situations. After that, just come here and share your results with us, we’d like to know how it went.

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10 Stupid (what else) Darwin Award Winners

‘Survival of the Fittest’ states that those best suited to their environment will have a better chance of survival and will therefore pass on his genes to the next generation. Unfortunately, (or fortunately) human advancements in science, medicine and technology have countered the effects of survival of the fittest in Homo sapiens, meaning that any moron is free to survive and pass on his moron genes to his moron offspring. But wait all is not lost, as long as there is stupidity, there will be people taking themselves out of the gene pool in a range of idiotic antics and accidents. Yes it’s the Darwin Awards and here’s my top ten favorites.

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