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Mega List of the World’s Weirdest Laws

If you think Weird laws are exclusive to the United States, think again. Dumb and Weird laws are everywhere! Some are reminiscent of past times — from as far as 19th century — that are still on the books and others are the work of the contemporary minds of brilliant politics. Many of the laws on this list have been verified to be true, however, many were taken from scattered sources and its veracity is hard to prove. We would recommend taking them with a grain of salt and not try to use them in your favor in court, or else you may end up bending over to catch your soap… in jail. You can help us make the list bigger and better by sharing any other weird laws you may know about.

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Mega Facts about Chuck Norris

One of the greatest Martial artists around the block and for that matter, the World. Chuck Norris has been the target of inumerous jokes and “facts” that translate into impossible feats of strenght and toughness, while he is indeed a tough guy i can only imagine what it’s like to have your name associated with that kind of funny misinformation. Hey, it could be worst if the jokes were about how wimpy or coward a man can be. Anyway, here’s our contribution to this never ending “fact” exchange that goes around and around the Interwebs. Let us have your suggestions in the comments, if they are good we’ll add them to this neverending list.

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