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10 still unsolved mysteries

Throughout human history, we continually come across things that we can’t explain. These mysterious events have stumped scientists, researchers and paranormal enthusiasts for decades, and the more we learn, the more it seems some things will probably remain a mystery forever. These are unsolved mysteries that have defied the body of scientific knowledge and remain, after all this time, still… unsolved.

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10 Theories about the Death of Adolf Hitler

Humanity had and still has many controversial personalities whose lives continue to fascinate us even after their deaths. They remain large in our memories, and no matter how much time has passed, some people continue to believe they are still alive and among us. Adolf Hitler is certainly one personality whose death continues to be shrouded in mystery.

Hitler’s reign over Germany can be considered one of the most enigmatic incidents in history. Not much is known about the fine points of the last moments of the Nazi Regime over Germany, and so vast and so intense was this reign that people always found a place for conspiracy theories and fictional plotlines to be integrated into what facts we have. Some of the conspiracy theories are quite practical; some are quite romantic, while others are absolutely fantastic. No matter what people believe, these conspiracy theories keep Hitler’s death shrouded in mystery, with some saying that he actually escaped and others saying that he died a death worthy of some of the greatest war criminals.

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