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Lights On – 10 Fascinating Bioluminescent Creatures

Some people hear the song “You Light Up My Life” (usually sung by Debbie Boone, but also performed by many other artists) and they think of their loved ones. Literalists, however, hear the familiar tune and think of bioluminescent animals like glowworms and fireflies. One can only wonder if the song was actually written by a glowworm or bioluminescent jellyfish for the apple of its eye. The following list details some of the animals that glow, be they far below the sea surface, flying around in the summer, or even the worms and fungi that glow in the pale light of caves. The glow is produced via a variety of chemical reactions with water or air. The creatures use their light for an interesting array of purposes. Some animals, such as the anglerfish, trap prey, and others use their lights as a warning of predators. It works both ways. Let’s take a look at the animals that glow from inside.

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Top 10 ugliest living ocean monstrosities

Imagine walking down a dark ally late at night, and suddenly a mean, ugly mugger walks up to you and demands your wallet or purse (not that you should be walking in a dark ally at night). Now imagine being alone on a different planet surrounded by strange creatures you’ve never seen before. Now combine them both together and imagine yourself in the deep, dark, murky waters of the ocean. These ugly monstrosities really do exist, and I have the top ten right here to prove it.

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10 Animals that Will Blow You Away… Literally

Welcome to the top ten list of exploding animals! Most of the wonderful collection of exploding animals shines the light of scrutiny on some of humanity’s most brilliantly idiotic ideas in the name of warfare ever devised. Top-10-Animals-that-Will-Blow-You-Away...-LiterallyThis fascinating exposé of tactical strategy will amaze you, sadden you, and enrage you, as the exploitation of some of the smartest and most loyal animals is, in some cases, still being inflicted. So very outrageous are some of these deeds that it will make you want to explode some people, like those responsible for some of this cruelty.

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Top Ten Beautiful Alien-Like Places on Earth

Some of the most beautiful places in the world look like they belong on another planet. These alien-like places are few and far between. While most of them are under strict control today, we almost lost many of them due to neglect and the natural progression of the population. If you ever want to know what it feels like to be on an alien planet, these wonderful and beautiful locations are as close as you can come. Read on and enjoy the stirring pictures of the top ten beautiful alien-like places on earth. If you have ever been to any of these or others that belong here, let us know what it was like in comments!

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Top 10 Disgusting Human Parasites

Warning: Disgusting Content | Not recommended to sensitive Stomachs |

As if there were not already enough ways to get sick and die, humankind is still fighting the one enemy he cannot see coming. The parasite is one of the most insidious of villains and has been around longer than we have. It is a war, people, so arm yourselves with knowledge because that and modern medicine is all we have for weapons.
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Top 10 Most Venomous Snakes

Top 10 most venomous snakes

Like it or not, snakes are beautiful animals; they are one of Mother Nature’s most prolific predators. Snakes have developed and perfected one of Nature’s most terrifying and effective weapons… poisonous fangs. Although most of the World’s snakes are in fact non-venomous, the ladies on the following list center their attack (or defense) around extremely potent toxins. They are so effective it only takes a tiny fraction of what they inject into their prey to kill them.

The following list is based on their killing potential, meaning, how many lab rats they can actually kill in one bite and then translate that to potential human deaths —assuming a 150 pound (70kg) human being and 20 gram mice. This list isn’t about the most dangerous snakes or the most toxic drop for drop venoms; it is based on a simple calculation of the average venom yield per bite and its toxicity when administered to lab rats. Of course the human metabolism is different than that of a rat; therefore take the results in humans with a grain of salt. Read more

Ten Things You May Not Know About Cats

Cats can talk. Researchers have recently learned how cats say I love you. It sounds crazy but it is true. They will also understand if you return the gesture. There you sit, all comfortable in your chair when suddenly, your house cats jumps into your lap and nestles down to get just as cozy. It begins to purr, letting you know that it’s content and happy. If you have ever noticed at moments like this, your cat will look into your eyes and slowly blink. It is that slow blink, researchers now know, that means I love you. They also found that the portion of a cats brain that responds to love become active if you look down and copy the slow blink. You can tell your cat that you love it and it will understand. Continue to read for more fun and interesting facts about the amazing cat.

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Top 10 worst toxic substances

Toxicity is usually measured in mouse units (MU), representing a dose of toxin that kills 50% of mice (LD50) when exposed to the toxic substance. In the following list ten of the most acute substances are ordered from least to most severe, a lethal dose for a 90kg individual is also shown. Although there are a lot more toxins and toxicants, these ten are well known and vary a lot in their respective lethal dose.

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