Top 10 Bizarre Animal Wannabe Body Modifications

Do you ever have the urge to purge by poking holes in your face and adding horns to the top of your head? What about splitting your tongue and covering yourself with more ink than the declaration of independence? (With the Bill of Rights thrown in for good measure) Why not just gouge your eyes out and stick a grenade in your mouth while you are at it. Piercing and such can be cool if done tastefully and with a small measure of restraint but some of these folks went just a little bit too far. Here is the top ten list of Bizarre Animal Wannabe Body Modifications. Psychotics welcome here.

10. Frog Wannabe



Does anyone else think this guy looks like a big “bull” frog? My goodness gracious, this loopy fellow could just about step through the loop in his ears. I guess he could use them to lasso up a beer from the bar or if he had hair, they would make great ponytail tie backs but what else could you use earlobes with holes the size of your head for? Post your suggestions for number ten and let’s see who can actually come up with some good uses for him. We’ll pool our suggestions and drop them in an ‘envelobe’ for him. (Yes, I did.) I suppose he could skip rope with them.

9. Bull Wannabe


Okay, a nose ring is one thing but this bullring is just way over the top. Why anyone would even want to wear this is beyond me. A massive sneeze would backfire and blow his brains right out the back of his head. My guess is that would not be hard as you would just about have to have a hole in your head to want to wear this anyway. No offense to any piercing peoples out there but you have to admit, its rings like this that give you a bad rep. Piercings, done tastefully can be really cool but that is just bull, no shit.

8. Ogre

Shrek Wannabe


Okay, this guy has issues. Can you imagine how hard it would be to get through the detectors at the airport? Along with the crazy tats, he is sporting numerous studs and double implants of lumps and horns. If I were a betting man, (and I am) I would bet those horns screw on and off. We should ask him where he got those horns that screw in case we are ever in the mood for a horny screwing ourselves. (Yeah, I know… I just couldn’t resist.)

7. Shark



Also a contender for the top ten most ironic tattoos list, shark man was minding his own business, just swimming around in the big blue when a shark reminded him in whose neighborhood he was trespassing. Once he healed, he had this groovy tattoo put on to take the bite out of it. Hopefully, it will cut down on people asking, “What happened?”

6. Octopus Wannabe


Okay, no one seems to know who this guy really is but you have to admit, suction cup implants are pretty cool. I think they would be cooler still if they were on the inside of the arm but hey, to each his own, right. Do not confuse this guy with The Octopus Man, a poor guy from the Philippines who has a conjoined twin growing out of his abdomen. That guy has four arms and three legs but he is still dubbed the octopus man. We wish him well on his possible upcoming surgeries. BTW, if you are going to look for info on the Octopus man, the one with the implants, prepare yourself because the site features cuttings and other gross material not suitable for the young or squeamish. I would be wary of virus dangers as well.

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