Top 10 Bizarre Animal Wannabe Body Modifications

5. Zebra Man

Horace Ridler


1892 — 1969 Horace Ridler provided the inspiration for many a sideshow performer. Not one to use the word freak, Horace distinguished himself in WWI for gallantry in the British Army while serving in Mesopotamia. He did not start getting tattoos until he was in his twenties. He pursued this work as a career after having some success with a few tattoos, which he later covered with his famous stripes. Horace progressed his appearance as he progressed his act, eventually having his teeth filed, his septum pierced (by a veterinarian) and his ears adjusted to accept larger and more elaborate earrings. In his early days, he traveled as The Great Omi with his lifelong wife Ommette and has the distinction of being the longest running headline act (six weeks) at the Guinness Odditorium Theater in New York. He also toured with Ringling Brothers as the headliner of the freak show for one season. After a long career, he retired to the city of Ripe, Sussex England and died at the ripe old age of 77 years.

4. Tiger lady

Katzen the Tiger Lady


Katzen is the German word for cat. This feline beauty says that her tattoos started as a quest for self-knowledge and awareness. She should know herself pretty well then as she has an elaborate display of tattoos that are, to me at least, beautiful and unique. She also has whiskers by way of piercings. She remembers wanting the markings that make her so recognizable as early as age five. Of course, she did not really know what tattoos were at that age, she just wanted the markings. She was married for a time to another performance artist called “Enigma.” Together, they put together a successful musical called “Human Marvels.” It is somewhat hard to tell but underneath those beautiful stripes is a beautiful woman. The world, however, is filled with beautiful women. Katzen is a one of a kind piece of human artwork the world may never see again. It would be a shame to miss her.

3. Leopard Man

Tom Leppard


You have to admire the man that can live alone, free from contact with the outside world, and still be legitimately happy. That is what Tom Leppard claims to be. Not the happy, smiling all the time, jumping up and down and acting like a lunatic happy but a calm, contented version of the word. The fact that he is tattooed over 99.2% if his body is not an elaborate claim for fame and fortune, just a simple way to make money years ago. Tom does have a small claim to fame, however, as the Leopard Man of Skye, Scotland and previous holder of the Guinness category, most tattooed man. He chose a life of solitude and lived in what could barely be described as a hut in the remote wilds of Skye, Scotland for twenty years. At age 70, the weekly kayak trip for supplies was becoming dangerous and difficult. It would probably have been his ticket out of this life, had not a friend offered to put him up in his own small apartment. He accepts and lives by himself in the city of Bradford. He is still a solitary soul with no need of company or creature comforts like TV or Radio. More power to you, oh Mighty Leopard Man of Skye because we all wish you well.

2. Stalking Cat

Dennis Anver


Dennis Anver is known to his friends by his Native American name, The Stalking Cat. He holds the Guinness Book of records for the most body modification. If his ultimate goal is to lie around in a zoo licking himself while basking in the sun, he has a long way to go. He is an electronics/computer technician by trade. Among his many alterations, Dennis has relocated his septum (that cartilage that makes our noses) to elongate his profile. He had his earlobes moved to the top of his ears and pointed to resemble those of a cat; however, he may just cut his ears off as he also had an implant on his skull to accommodate tiger-like ears at a future date. He has many hours worth of tattoos and silicon implanted cheekbones. With numerous piercings and a cleft upper lip, you have to admit, he looks like a cat. The question is, which end of a cat does he look the most like? Hey, I’m just kidding Dennis. I think you look Grrreat! Why would someone surgically change his appearance to look like a cat if he is not a performance artist? What do you think? Send us your thoughts on this question.

1. Lizard Man

Eric Sprague


Some people would look at the Lizardman and be repulsed. They will say that he is a freak or that he is a weirdo. Maybe that is true. It would depend on your personal definition of freak and weirdo. Could it be that this Lizardman is actually a performer who takes his chosen profession so seriously that he has taken it to the next logical step? The Lizardman, who goes by Eric Sprague at the dinner table with his wife and/or family, is the ultimate performance artist. How many of us have the courage to choose our life’s work and then stick to it with such conviction that we are ready to change elements of our life to conform to and enhance it? When I see Eric, I see a man who knows what he wants to do with his life and has made the necessary modifications to make it the very best that it can be. The fact that he has dedicated his life to entertain us is noble and honorable. When I see Eric as the Lizardman, I do not think about my bills or my arthritis, or any of my other numerous problems. In this way, Eric has succeeded. So if your definition of freak or weirdo is someone who makes sacrifices to make of himself and his chosen profession the very best that it can be, then Eric is all of that and more. Entertainment is supposed to take us away from our realities for a little while and make us happy, or at least happier. Thank you, Eric. I wish all performers were as dedicated as you.

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