Top 10 Demons that may visit you at home

As children, we were told that on December 25, in the wee hours of the morning, a jolly old fat man named Santa Clause would slide down the chimney and leave loads of gifts to all the good little children. We were also told that the Easter bunny would leave candy and eggs, the Tooth fairy would leave money, and that, given the right motivation (being loaded on a jetliner), pigs could fly. Well, here is one you can believe, Demons exist, they are all around us, and here is the list to prove it.

Alfonso de Spina, in 1467, compiled this classification of demons, based on German folklore and other European countries. The criterion for this classification was inspired by legends and stories, and as real to our ancestors then as it is to the Church, Demonology, Occultism, and practitioners of Renaissance magic today. Here, I use six of his ten, the rest are mine picks.

10. Goblins


Goblins come in all shapes and sizes, there are even benevolent goblins that are indifferent to the human condition, and have been called upon by witchcraft and demonologists to help improve health, wealth, and other human concerns. However, beware, for this usually comes with a price. When these unsuspecting souls leave this reality and move on to the next dimension, they find their benefactors waiting for payment in full (too gruesome to describe).


9. Hobgoblins


Hobgoblins are my personal favorites. These are invisible demons, unless they choose not to be, who take up residence in your home. They are mischievous little dykes, about two feet in stature, with razor sharp teeth and a taste for human flesh. They usually live in the plumbing where they feast on dead skin washed down the pipes. Occasionally though, they will come out for something more substantial. The next time your plumbing starts to rattle about, watch your fingers and toes, not to mention other body parts.


8. Familiars


Familiars, also known as fairies, are demons who work harmoniously with witches and do their bidding. They have also been known to work with clever minded people, with evil intentions. Witches can control their familiars, where the so-called clever minded can be turned upon quite easily if they anger their Familiar. Familiars are shape-shifters and can take on any form. With witches, we usually see cats, but they have been known to appear as full-bodied, three dimensional, apparitions. You could walk past one and never know it. One small catch to their shape-shifting ability. If a Familiar takes on your shape and you see it, you burn in hell, while the familiar takes your place.


7. Drude


The word Drude is derived from the Middle High German word trute meaning ‘to kick’. A Drude is a demon that possesses virgins, young girls who knowingly or unknowingly have this demon within them. A Drude can temporarily detach itself from its victim and, like the Familiar; shape-shift into human form or vaporous mist. A drude is usually reported to look like a fat old hag. The Drude then vaporizes through cracks in doors and sits upon the chest of another victim, crushing the life out of them (sounds like a good reason to use weather stripping to me).

The only way to kill a Drude is to entice it into the virgins domesticated pet, where it promptly dies, along with old rover. Of course, if the virgin does not posses a pet, a quick visit to the dog pound would be in order.


6. Sabbat Witches


The witches’ Sabbath, also known as Sabbat is a meeting for those who practice witchcraft. Often witches who took part in this annual, ritualistic, orgy, were very beautiful, the most beautiful being the High Priestess. It is believed that demons or Sabbat Demons possessed these women. Even Satan Himself would show up on occasion to possess the High Priestess, joining in the festivities.

No one outside a Sabbat has actually witnesses one, but rumors spread none-the-less. Part of the ceremony included attendants riding flying goats, trampling the cross, and made to be baptized in the devil’s name. The menu included un-baptized babies; the oil from the babies’ fat was used to mix a potion that could supposedly make the witches fly. And believe it or not, all the witches had to knell at the end of the Sabbat and kiss a demons ass. I will gladly pass on this One Wild Party!

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