Top 10 Disgusting Human Parasites

Warning: Disgusting Content | Not recommended to sensitive Stomachs |

As if there were not already enough ways to get sick and die, humankind is still fighting the one enemy he cannot see coming. The parasite is one of the most insidious of villains and has been around longer than we have. It is a war, people, so arm yourselves with knowledge because that and modern medicine is all we have for weapons.

10. Giant Roundworm


If you eat contaminated food that has the eggs of the roundworm, they will hatch, eat through the intestinal wall, into the lungs, into the respiratory tract where they are re-swallowed and finally attach themselves to the intestinal walls. If you only have a few, there may not be enough symptoms to diagnose however, fever, and diarrhea can result. Approximately 25% of the planet is infected with giant roundworms. Eventually, when these bad boys grow up to a foot long, they will cause severe problems such as peritonitis. They will attack the liver and spleen causing inflammation and can also cause killer pneumonia. They can also obstruct the bowels and there is one documented case where a two year old South African child had (upon autopsy) upwards of 800 giant roundworms weighing 19 ounces inside of her intestines. She had internal gangrene. More sad news is that you can “catch” an infestation of giant roundworms from your beloved pet, such as a dog or cat. Think about that next time your dog gives you a big sloppy kiss.

9. Ticks


The tick is one of the most dangerous of the parasitic bloodsuckers. The bite of one of these can produce any number of illnesses from Lyme disease to meningoencephalitis. Seed ticks or newborn six-legged stage ticks can attack in numbers of thirty thousand at a time and can kill an animal by sheer force of blood draining numbers. No warm-blooded animal is safe from the little monsters that wait in the crevices of wood or rocks and stalk us though tall grass and underbrush. They attach themselves to their victim and drive their feeding tubes into the skin. Once attached, they suck blood until they are so engorged they look like they are ready to burst, which is exactly what they will do if you try to pull them off. Some species will fall off when full while others stay attached and continue to feed on their host. While they are small, they are extremely dangerous and deadly. The tick is part of the arachnid family known as the Acarina.

8. Loa Loa


The next time you see a horsefly, run like hell. They carry the Loa Loa eggs and if they bite you, the Loa Loa monster will grow into a worm inside you that travels in your skin and wreak havoc wherever they go. They cut their way through your subcutaneous tissue, which is the third of the three layers of skin that humans have. This is the fatty part of your body like your back, chest, and groin. This worm can also slink through your scalp and infect your eye. Surgical removal and medication is the only way to get rid of them.

7. Crabs


crab_on_manCrabs or pubic lice look like prehistoric monsters under a microscope but are barely discernable to the human eye. You will definitely know if you have them, though as humans, which are their only host, have an itching reaction to the crab’s saliva. These bugs are easily transmitted from person to person but most commonly by sexual contact. Children can get them through casual interaction with a parent. The treatment is highly toxic and should only be used as directed to avoid serious medical complications. (Do not drink it!)


6. Filariasis


Do you remember the Elephant Man? Well, his disease can be caused by this infectious tropical disease and most likely carried by an insect. A mosquito or other insect will ingest the Filariasis eggs during a blood meal. During a future meal, the eggs are embedded under the skin of the victim; they then go through several stages of growth until they take up lodgings in your skin, your lymph nodes, or your body cavity in the abdomen area, depending on the type of Filariasis. One of these variations is the second leading cause of blindness worldwide. The third type of the disease lives in the deep tissues and can cause unbearable abdominal pain. My suggestion is to load up on the OFF mosquito spray or lock yourself in your house forever and never ever open the doors or windows…ever. If you do not believe me, just ask Joseph Carey Merrick.

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