Top 10 Disgusting Human Parasites

5. Candiru


The next time you are thinking about taking a nice refreshing dip in the Amazon, think twice. The Candiru or toothpick fish sucks blood and can enter any open human orifice, which includes the nostrils, mouth, ears, and in one reported case, the urethra. Hollywood popularized the story of these little monsters swimming up your pee stream to enter the body but it is a rare occurrence. However, swimmers are warned not to pee in the river. The Candiru is part of the catfish family but the pee swimmers only grow to about 15 cm. They are translucent and extremely hard to spot in the water, much less swimming up a stream of urine.

4. The Hook Worm


The small intestines of mammals are the home of the hookworm. This sneaky little worm is elusive as very little blood is evident in stool. They suck blood like it is going out of style, robbing the body of iron and other much needed nutrients causing anemia. In poor countries, the hookworm is responsible for low birth weight and retarded growth of children as it sucks the protein nutrients out of the blood of the mother, depriving the fetus. Unless the host has a large amount of infestation, there are few visible symptoms outside of anemic or pale looking skin and loss of energy. This makes the hookworm especially dangerous as it may go undetected.

3. The Guinea Worm


This is one nasty disease. Ingested through drinking water, the Dracunculiasis or Guinea worm is the only documented disease in the Bible. It is also known as the Fiery Serpent and well-preserved specimens have been found in Egyptian mummies. It can live in the body undetected by the immune system for years and then works its way down to the lower extremities where the head comes out of the skin. In extreme cases, the head can come out in a boil the size of a tennis ball. At the moment, the only way to rid the body of the worm at that stage is to wrap the head around a stick and slowly roll it out.

guineaworm2The patient can usually only stand to have an inch or two rolled out per day and it can take weeks to get the entire worm.The World Health Assembly has targeted the Guinea Worm for eradication. It is the only parasitic infection to be put on the total eradication list. Existing in only nine countries today, which are down from 20, they predict the end of the parasite by 2011.

2. Tape Worm


This disgusting parasite, which can easily reach 15 plus feet in length relatively quickly, is very easy to get. Even in the United States, where FDA regulations are extremely strict and harshly enforced, 25% of the beef sold is infected. The Tapeworm, known in medical circles as Taenia Saginata, or Taeniarhynchus Saginata, is ingested. Once inside its host, it can live for twenty-five years in the small intestines. The “worm” which has no body cavity, mouth, or intestines, passes its eggs through the host’s feces. They can become so long as to be seen under the skin of the inner thighs by the naked eye.

1. The Human Botfly


First of all, be warned that the contents of the video bellow are not for the faint of heart or stomach. The Botfly is a nasty little creature that begins its life as a maggot, inside a human host. While it will infest other animals, it loves people. It begins by capturing a mosquito and laying its nasty eggs on it. Then it releases the mosquito to bite whom or what it will. Should it bite you, the eggs will either fall on and use the bite as an entry point, or just burrow into your skin. Once inside of you, it eats your muscle tissue and grows for eight weeks before emerging from the hole. The “hole” remains open so the maggot can get air and to defecate out of. This is a gross and terrible thing to have happen to you. Can you imagine having one on the end of your nose?

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