Top 10 Disgusting Seafood Delicacies

5. Shrimp Paste


Shrimp are a popular food, so shrimp paste must be good… right? After all, it must be something like a condensed shrimp buffet and those are always great. It is an unfortunate fact that some people, primarily tourists in Asian countries, purchase shrimp paste expecting the taste of fresh shrimp right out of the ocean. What they actually get is shrimp that’s been set out in the set until it ferments, dried, pounded out until it takes on the consistency of a paste and then sometimes squished together and shaped into little blocks. It is a popular flavoring in curies, but smells putrid and tastes foul when eaten alone.

4. Stinkheads


Remember that time burying something gross made it way better to eat (and even delicious)? If you’re from the Yup’ik population in Alaska, the answer may be yes! The Yupik are connoisseurs of a questionable seafood dish known as stinkheads. To create this fine meal, you take one severed fish head, bury it in a dark hole in the ground and then wait a few weeks until it’s ripened. Then, voila! Unbury and enjoy the result: rotting-off flesh, eyeballs, muscles and all. Take care though because even the Alaskan locals who enjoy the dish complain about the inescapable odor (which is said to linger on for many days).

3. Sannakji


Frog in your throat? Nope, that’s just an octopus, especially if you’re eating sannakji. It’s a special dish prepared by taking a living octopus, quickly slicing it into small pieces and then serving it on a plate within minutes. The result is a plate full of movement, because the individual chunks are still squirming around. Some people find it enjoyable to feel the food in motion, but it does present a possible life-threatening risk: choking. The suckers on the tentacles still have their stick and could easily clog up a person’s throat, if not chewed up enough. Think before you eat; you may not consider this food to die for.

2. Surströmming


At first you might be tempted to think that the seafood delicacy called surströmming is pretty good: after all, there’s an entire museum dedicated to its greatness (located in Sweden). surstromming2Then you find out that it may actually be the most terrible smelling food in the world and you begin to understand why it is on this list. Like similar dishes (such as Hakarl) surströmming is mostly rotting fish, except that it is then canned. Don’t try to take these cans aboard an airplane, however; the delicacy is so bad, it’s literally considered too dangerous to take on a plane.


1. Live Fish


If you’re looking for a side of cruelty with your fish, consider eating live fish. Basically, the chef takes a fish, covers his head with a cool cloth to keep it alive, batters up the sides and then dunks it in a deep fryer. It is then removed from the oil and served up, still alive. If you enjoy the thought of seeing your fish flop and twist on the table while you pick its flesh apart with a knife and fork, this controversial meal is the way to go. Some fans of live fish insist that there’s a noticeable quality difference between a fish that is dead and one that is still trying to make it back into the ocean.


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