Top 10 Historic Brutal Executions

5. Saint Eustace 118


Saint Eustace, the famous saint and former General Placidus in the Roman Army, was converted to Christianity after seeing the image of Christ between the antlers of a Stag deer he was hunting. Upon conversion, he moved his family to protect them but fell upon a series of unlucky events. During a sea voyage, his wife was kidnapped by the captain of the ship. Later, while crossing a river, his son’s were taken by a lion and a wolf. However, he demonstrated a faith as strong as Job and persevered, always praising God. Miraculously, he was reunited with his wife and children and his wealth was restored. Sadly, he refused to make a sacrifice to one of Rome’s pagan gods, the emperor had him, and his family put to death. They forced them into a huge bronze statue of one of the pagan gods, most likely an ox or a bull and they were roasted alive. If you can imagine being put in a pot and set over a fire, you have a better imagination than I do. What a terrifying way to die with your wife and children burning to death beside you. However, if his faith was so strong as to praise God during the other hardships in his life, I want to believe that he did not suffer and that his faith kept him, and his beloved family, strong enough to face this horrible death with courage and honor.

4. Tupac Amaru II 1781


Not to be confused with another Tupac who endured a tragic and painful death, Jose Gabriel Condorcanqui, as he was named upon birth, was executed May 18, 1781. Tupac led the uprising of the Spanish against Peru in 1780. (Do not mistake him for another famous Tupac who lead yet another uprising in Bolivia) Tupac was one tough dude who had a knack of getting under his enemy’s skin. He was a big, strong man who was hard to kill, a fact proven by the failed attempt to have him drawn and quartered. The execution of the event succeeded but Tupac refused to die, regardless of having no limbs. First, they forced him to witness the murder of his wife, his eldest son, his uncle, his brother in law, and the captains of his army. Then they ripped out his tongue and had him drawn and quartered. This means that they tied each of his limbs to four of the biggest and strongest horses they could find and ripped his arms and legs from his torso. Tupac was one tough son of a bitch and refused to die. Which must have really pissed off his captors, the Spaniards, because they then beheaded him, killed the rest of his family, and burned all their houses, properties, and belongings. Finally, they sent parts of his body to the towns that were loyal to him and then outlawed all Inca customs and traditions in an attempt to wipe them out of the history books. Yeah, I think it is a safe bet to say that he got under somebody’s skin all right.

3. William Crawford 1782


This American soldier worked for George Washington as a western land surveyor. While Crawford had a controversial military career, he retired with the rank of Major. He was convinced to come out of retirement by a friend in need of a fierce leader and warrior. (The Sandusky River Campaign) Even though William Crawford was both of these, on the night before his final battle, he must have known or at least suspected his fate because he made out his last will and testament. He was captured by the Indians the next day and tortured to death. The Indians tied him with grape vines to a tree in such a fashion as he could walk completely around it with his constraints, which were also tied around his throat, traveling around with him. Then they set a controlled fire underneath him all around the tree. Imagine how shocked the Indians were when, rather than screaming, panicking and running around the tree, as they were used to captives doing, he calmly walked around on the fire and burning coals with his bare feet. Annoyed and confused, one of the Indians jumped onto him and scalped him alive. Burned, lacerated, and scalped, he rose to his charred feet and continued to walk unsteadily around the tree. Unstable, proud, and giving the Indians no satisfaction, he refused to panic. Finally, unwilling to bear any more of the brave Major’s defiance, the chief held a burning branch to the top of his head until he finally succumbed to his torture and died. Damn–that dude was tough.

2. Fou-Tchou-Li 1905


This is perhaps the most brutal of executions on this list because I have seen the photos. It is disgusting to a fault. If you are doing more research on this execution, I suggest searching under Fu-zhu-Li for the best results. Fooey was a very bad boy and murdered his master, a prince, no less. His public execution was graphic and terrifying as he was humiliated, tortured, and put to death. The executioner, working in front of a large crowd, must have felt like Michael Jackson with all the attention he was getting. Stepping up to the plate and doing some of his finest work, he sliced and diced poor Fou Li like a Cuisinart on steroids. Perhaps the most disturbing part is while Fu Li is tied to a pole in town square, his tormentors cut his teats off. This is, mayhap, the most gruesome sight I have seen in a long while and I have been around the block (and through the park) several times. The expressions of pain and sorrow on Li’s face are so heart breaking and moving that I was glad to know that he (the executioner) stabbed him through the heart before he went much further than that. They made picture post cards of the execution, which the post office of the land accepted and carried. (Sick.)

1. Gheorghe Dozsa 1514


Gyorgy, most likely a nobleman from Transylvania, the Kingdom of Hungary, let a revolt against the Kingdom. He was caught after the final battle and tortured in a manner most foul for his treachery. He was either a Christian Martyr or hardened criminal, depending on which side of the kingdom’s fence you happen to be standing on. Upon capture, he was tortured in a unique fashion. They built an iron throne for him and heated it to smoldering, stripped him naked and forced him to sit in it. Upon his head, they placed a fiery hot crown of iron; in his hand, they placed a heated iron scepter. (Ruler’s staff) This was an obvious jab at his desire to be a King. They kept the heat on while they starved nine of his friends. Meanwhile, they brought his brother Gergely before him and chopped him into three pieces. After this, they forced red-hot steel pliers into his skin and then brought his starving friends and compatriots to him where they were given the option to eat or die. Those that refused the Gheorghe buffet were cut into pieces; those who bit into Gyorgy’s charred and tender flesh and swallowed were allowed to go free. Can you imagine being forced into cannibalism on a living person? These sick assholes tortured the seventy thousand others who were part of the revolt and crushed the spirit of the Hungarian peoples. This form of cannibalistic torture puts a completely new Spin on the Country in which it happened, Hungary. (Again, I just could not resist.)

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