The Top Ten Most EVIL Popes

Evil is a familiar and ugly face. Rearing and peeking around dimly lit cities and alley ways at night, evil stealthily rapes, murders and tortures its victims. Evil Popes have riddled the history of the Vatican more frequently than most nations have ever seen a tyrant ruler. While a majority of black-hearted, evil men and women are brought to justice in today’s world, it is sad to know that some sources of evil cannot be vanquished as easily as a court verdict. Perhaps more abhorrent than that, is the fact that evil still hides away waiting to take more victims. Worse still is the plagued history of truly evil acts that have been committed throughout all nations. When evil deeds are done in the name of God, they not only scar our histories with shame, they blaspheme in the highest against our benevolent creator. It is only at the very pit of evil where all things are frozen in Hell from the constantly lamenting, flapping wings of Satan do we find places for the men described here. Those who’ve propagandized and spread evil throughout the world while sitting on the Throne of Peter have claimed justification through the Lord. What is to follow may disturb you, upset you and ideally cause you to shed a tear over the tragic misdirection of the evil that has been demonstrated within the office of the papacy.
*Note: As a disclaimer for this controversial topic, the statements following have been verified across several esteemed informational sites. Though the information presented is widely accepted as fact, not all sources will cite the exact information presented, if they cite information on these topics at all. The List Cafe and author’s opinions are not expressly represented in what is to follow. Thank you.

10. Pope Alexander VI



Pope Alexander VI had a special place in Hell reserved for him in the circle of lust. On Halloween night of 1501, he was said to have organized and participated in the “worst orgy ever in the Vatican”. While sex with promiscuous women while unwed and sworn to celibacy and a life devoted to God may be forgivable in certain circles, his other most awful sexual conduct would be frowned upon by just about any member of our currently civilized society. Alexander VI also was known to fornicate regularly with his two sisters and his daughter. For the crime of incest, Alexander VI is surely damned to the core and quite prodigiously ‘evil’.

9. Pope Damasus I



Individuals who lived to see Damasus’s rule saw a bitter day: women and children were bought and sold as sex slaves to increase funding for the church at Damasus’s design. Those who opposed the tyrannical rule of Damasus would be tortured and literally burned alive after their lands were seized and used for church designated purposes. Worse still is that the women forced into prostitution were not always simple subjects of Rome, but female priests and nuns themselves. So much for serving in humility before God…
While some light could be said to come out of this, there were forty-four bishops who abhorred the acts of Pope Damasus I and had found him guilty of adultery on many counts. Unfortunately, the office of the Pope was a strong central figurehead and Pope Damasus I weaseled his way through being convicted of the crimes that he was known to commit on a regular basis. After the charges had passed, all forty-four bishops were murdered at the order of Damasus I. What could be done? Nothing. Damasus I was also the first among Popes to instill the concept that the papacy was a supreme office of God, using the Petrine text in the Holy book of Matthew to support his claims. Nothing like divine intervention eh? Among the populous these heinous crimes went without retribution. For his adulterous behavior, the public commonly referred to him as “Auriscalpius Matronarum” which means “ladies’ ear scratcher” in Latin. It’s a shame they didn’t name him “constituent back-stabber”.

8. Pope Sergius III



In seven short years as Pope, Sergius III was bad the minute he was made Pope. He took the Papacy through murder and while in office, lived quite contently unmarried with a concubine by the name of Marozia. While his political affiliates may have enjoyed his murderous tendencies for the sake of gaining control of the papacy, Sergius’s concubine may have rivaled him in true potential for evil. Marozia personally assassinated Pope Leo VI who followed Sergius just seventeen short years after Sergius left the Throne of Peter in order to claim the throne for Sergius’ and her son, John XI. Wicked.

7. Pope Benedict IX



Nephew to the previous two Popes that resided in the Vatican, Pope Benedict IX was touted in the Catholic Encyclopedia as, “a disgrace to the chair of Peter” – which would be absolutely correct. Bishops in the service of the Lord, and particularly Desiderius who was later crowned Pope Victor III believe Benedict to be moreso the progeny of Simon the sorcerer rather than Simon the apostle. He raped the office of Pope in every way he could from murder to adultery and just about all else. Because of the horrible things he did, the people literally drove him out of Rome. His violent and sexual crimes were committed under the blazing bright sun instead of through stealth of night and when he left, he did not go with empty pockets. Before accepting his fate of having to leave the Papacy, Benedict IX sold the office of the papacy to John Gratianus (Gregory VI) who was fortunately for the people, labeled among the most religious of his day and age. After Gregory VI’s rule as Pope, a Pope known as Damasus II came into power. Benedict literally poisoned Damasus II and reclaimed power over the Papacy. This was when the crimes of Benedict IX were so much to bear that the Romans could no longer stand it – they expelled him from the city entirely. Later, Conrad reinstated Benedict IX despite his atrocious crimes.

6. Pope Pius IX


Let it first be known that Pius IX resided in the Vatican as Pope between the years 1846-1878. Let it secondly be known that there was a direct correlation between his constant scheming within the realm of politics and the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. Both funding for and the mission plan itself had made its way from the papal office, through hands undisclosed to eventually meet with John Wilkes Booth who shot Lincoln dead on April 15th, 1865 at the Ford Theater in Washington D.C. Yes, despite popular belief, Lincoln died as a result of orders from the Roman Catholic Church – not a fanatical maniac who really wanted his slaves. What an addition for the history books…

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