Top 10 Psycho Female Killers

Whenever you see a serial killer on the tube or see them in a movie, it is always some sick, crazy dude with a big knife or machete. Rarely do you hear or see any high body counts attributed to women. It is not fair, because… they are out there–lurking in our kitchens, driving our children to soccer practice, attending our PTA meetings. They like the fact that we have overlooked them because that means that we are not quick to suspect them when they do their dastardly deeds. They wait, they plot, and then they kill. Sometimes they just kill one. Sometimes they kill forty. Sometimes, they do not even need a weapon to wipe out an entire family. They are women, but you will not hear them roar. Read this list. It might prepare you for the woman that you bumped into at the post office, the one that you cut in front of at the supermarket or yelled at in traffic. She might even be outside your window right now, in the dark, waiting for you to turn out the light. If you know of a good one not listed her, give us a shout out.

10. The Giggling Granny


This psycho from Blue Mountain, Alabama put a huge dent in the number of family reunion invitations that would need to be written, that is… if there are enough people left in Nannie Doss’ family to attend a family reunion. Her mother, one of her grandsons, both of her sisters, a nephew, and all four husbands fell victim to her murderous ways. The first to die that anyone knows of was her grandchild. She helped her daughter deliver the child at home in 1943. Her daughter, groggy with ether and the labor of birth thought she saw her mother stick a hatpin into the newborns head but she did not believe her eyes at the time. The child died.

In 1945, after her husband raped her, (she later confessed) she found his moonshine jug and mixed rat poison in it. He died rather painfully, later that same day. Her second husband died in a mysterious house fire and her next husband was poisoned, along with her mother who evidently ate something meant for him. After several more people died around her, she finally messed up by poisoning her last husband with arsenic after he had just been released from the emergency room complaining of stomach pains. The ER doctor became suspicious and found the arsenic after an autopsy. The Giggling Granny giggled no more.

Nannie Doss confessed in 1955 and they found her mentally fit for trial. She received a life sentence and died in prison of leukemia ten years later.

9. Aileen Wuornos



Aileen Wuornos is a true American monster and the inspiration for the hit movie “Monster.” Charlize Theron, who won an Oscar for her portrayal of Aileen, witnessed her own father’s death at the hands of her mother when she was a child in a weird ironic twist. Aileen Wournos was a created monster at the hands of her grandfather who allegedly raped her as a child, and forced her to have sex with multiple men, including her own brother. At age 20, Wuornos began getting in trouble for assault against various men and turned to prostitution for her means of support. She would hitchhike to pick up her johns, asking them to drive to a secluded place but instead of selling them sex, she would rob them at gunpoint. She murdered nine men before she was finally caught and sentenced to the death penalty.

Aileen Wuornos – Execute me:


8. Dorothea Puente



This sweet looking old woman is a stone cold lunatic. When she was finally caught and successfully prosecuted in 1992, this killer ran a boarding house for elderly, addictive, and disabled patients. Social services considered her a saint for taking the tough cases and giving them a home, however, she was actually extorting most of their disability or pension checks while only giving them a small stipend each month. Of all the tenants she had, nine were not even that lucky. Using an alcoholic as a puppet, she had him bury the dead under the floor in her basement and under a slab in the back yard where an old shed used to stand. Her so-called handyman then “disappeared.” The Police gave her a scare when neighbors called them (the police) about the handyman’s unusual activities in the back yard just before he fell victim to her mindless murdering ways. While investigating the disappearance of a mental patient, the police again showed up at her door. She was not an immediate suspect. Under the pretense of going to the store for coffee, she fled Sacramento California for Los Angeles and put her hooks into another lonely elderly man. She would probably have killed him as well, if he had not seen her picture on a news report and called the police. Poison was her weapon and money was her gain except she used the money on frivolous things like dresses and other comfort items, which makes these senseless murders even more tragic.

Dorothea Puente was shown mercy by a jury when they deadlocked. According to law, she received the maximum sentence under a deadlocked jury of life without parole. Would you believe that at last report in September 2010, she still maintains her innocence, claiming that all the victims that died under her care died of natural causes? She has been reported to be on her deathbed with an undisclosed illness. We can only hope that it is a painful one.

Dorothea Puente (Part 1/5) – Crime & Investigation Network


7. Dona Catalina de los Rios Lisperguer



Known as La Quintrala, She was a beautiful red-headed temptress with a taste for money, sex, and murder. Named after the beautiful, red flowered mistletoe Quintral, she was not only fined for the frequent deaths of her slaves, she was accused of 15 murders. She was suspected in hundreds. Her family owned real estate in the capital city of Santiago, Chile and she inherited a huge fortune by killing her father with poisoned chicken. Besides slashing and murdering (it is rumored) hundreds of serfs, she ordered the assassination of a priest, she also attacked her mother when she came to visit to try and convert her. She even had her lover chained in her basement where she tortured him to death. However, because of her vast wealth and high connections, she was never brought to justice. In fact, she became a hero as she diligently opposed Spanish rule of Chile and she left a large portion of her estate to the continuance of Cinco de Mayo, a theme much revered by the Catholic Church there. She did this, however, under the condition that the Augustine’s hold annual masses of 20,000 to her memory at the Church that bordered the property that was her home in Santiago. Maybe she feared for her soul after all, in the end.


 6. Rosemary West



She and her husband, Fred kidnapped, raped, tortured, and then murdered at least ten women. They used their home in which to do these heinous crimes. How they continued to get away with this in a city whose police force is legendary, Gloucester, England, is a mystery to me. While Fred is known to have killed twelve times, Rose is only pegged with ten simply because she had not met her psychotic husband before then. I do not understand how they got together. The odds of two of the sickest people on the planet meeting, falling in love, and having this twisted sickness in common, has to be astronomical. Yet, there they were, carrying out the crimes together. Fred alluded to the possibility that they had done this to as many as 20 more women. He said this just before he hung himself in his cell. Despite being on a suicide watch, he managed to knot a bed sheet and hang himself. If that is not a shame, I do not know what is. I would have preferred him executed in front of the families of the victims who wanted to see him pay the ultimate price. What they took from the poor victims and their families was far more precious then both of their lives and they will never understand that because neither one of them had a conscience.

Fred and Rose West- The House Of Horrors 1/4

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