Top 10 Badass Weapons of Science Fiction Movies

Modern time’s weaponry is deadly enough as it is, they are fascinating pieces of engineering that divide Nation’s opinions on what is and what’s not morally acceptable. They always had a fascinating side of power and glory to those that are not on the receiving end of a cutting edge weapon. But even Modern day weapons seem obsolete when compared to any of the following weapons originated from Science Fiction movies. They were born from the imagination of writers; some are feasible enough to be a real weapon in a near future, while other will continue to be fiction for a long time to come. Let’s have a look at ten of these fictional weapons. 

10. Klaatu’s Nanites (The Day the Earth Stood Still)


For people who do not live with their parents or other knowledgeable folks, even the simplest of house pests can become alien enemies whose intentions are to destroy their lives and wellbeing. So when an alien weapon actually acts like a household pest, it is sure to make it into the list of most kickass weapons.

The 2008 version of the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still showed us the nanites—a self-replicating insect—that basically acts like big chompers to destroy everything that crosses their path. In fact, the movie showed these nanites chomp up a whole Hummer like it was just a candy bar!


9. Phaser (Star Trek):


The Phaser from the Star Trek series reminds us of the default weapon in video games. It is considered the underdog and is even ignored, until the protagonist is on his last straw and there are no other big guns to help him out. The Starfleet Phaser is in itself is a strong weapon, and although it looks like a weird glue gun, it has enough power to vaporize a human being. It is also versatile enough to simply stun the bad guy. If you think about it, a weapon like this would be awesome in some situations. Boss giving you extra work? Set to stun! A pesky salesman at your front door? Set to stun, or kill, whatever.


8. Noisy Cricket (MIB)


Men in Black is one sci-fi movie that really breathed new life into the old world of fantastic stories and gave a new meaning to unbelievable storylines. What made all this possible was of course the charisma of Will Smith and the restrained acting prowess of Tommy Lee Jones–not to mention the weapons the movie featured. The Noisy Cricket is one of the most memorable ones.

Not much is known about the Noisy Cricket, except that its size is about that of a ladies’ pistol, and that it can blast open a new hotel window and make nothing out of a towing truck.



7. Plasma Caster (Predator)


The Plasma Caster is just one weapon out of the many that were first seen in the Predator series. The Plasma Caster is a shoulder-mounted energy weapon which fires a brilliant blue or gold plasma pulse. It is helped by a laser sight built into the Predator’s helmet. The Plasma Caster could be controlled to fire minor wounds or even bring down a big aircraft. It comes so down in the list because it is one of the most vulnerable weapons that the Predator carried, but it could also be used as a hand-held weapon to stun enemies.


6. M55 Nuke Launcher (Starship Troopers)


What’s a sci-fi movie without a weapon of mass destruction? That’s what the makers of Starship Troopers thought which gave birth to this badass weapon – the M55 Nuke Launcher. The M55 Nuke Launcher, as the name suggests, is designed to launch a nuclear weapon which has the potential to destroy large bugs and arachnid tunnels. Oh, and it’s shoulder mounted too!

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