Top 10 Badass Weapons of Science Fiction Movies


5. BFG (Doom)


The BFG has had a life of its own, right from the computer game to the movies. It has been revered by everyone who has ever been on the right side of an evil-smashing gun. Of course, the BFG got a new life when none other than the Rock himself wielded it in the movie, and even the Rock had to give a nod to the real name of the gun – Big Fucking Gun, though the movie named it something boring – so boring that nobody remembers it.



4. Rail Gun (Eraser)


If you thought a movie that had sci-fi weapons as their central plot point wouldn’t feature in this list, you’d be forgiven. We all know how overhyped movies don’t deliver at the box office, and this movie didn’t, eventually, but it still gave us this great piece of sci-fi legend – the rail gun.

Now, the rail gun is not a new name, and it has been used for several weapons in computer games, right from Quake to the more recent ones. So, what is the rail gun all about?

Basically, the rail gun is a completely electric gun which allows the user to see through walls to see the enemy, and even keep a tab on their heartbeat rate – surely something to be very careful about.


3. Light Saber (Star Wars)

We need to accept it, if sci-fi is a religion, George Lucas is God. How else could this list have two objects from the same franchise? While the number 1 spot is known to most people who know about the world of Star Wars, the light saber is something that even someone who doesn’t know what sci-fi is, would know.

The light saber is a blade of pure energy that is about a meter long. The energy is simple plasma, and is the signature weapon of both the Jedi as well as the Sith, and if both enemies like the same weapon, you should just accept that it is indeed a kickass weapon. The light saber increases its kickass points by the ability to be used either as an offensive or a defensive weapon.


2. Zorg’s ZF-1 (The Fifth Element)


We all know the need and use of an All-in-One in the office. The All-in-One, called the AiO, is basically a machine that eliminates all kinds of enemies that will crop up during your game of Solitaire – that Xerox,  that fax, and oh, it even handles that printout. Zorg’s ZF-1 from the Fifth Element is basically an AiO, but only of the Alien world.

Under the number of technological inventions that Zorg gives in the movie, is a machine that basically has around six to seven ways to total the enemy. So, you have a gun that basically acts as a flamethrower, has a wicked net launcher, which also works like Spider Man’s net fluid. To get back to the basics, it also has some nifty arrows to more than pick the brains of the enemy.  Its rocket launcher comes as an added advantage, at no extra cost. And as Zorg tells us, the grand finale is the ice cube launcher that renders the enemy into a big ice cube that you can shatter and use with your drink.

If this makes you feel the gun is the greatest, you should remember that the gun has one major manufacturing flaw, that it sort of ‘remembers’ the last position it fired in, and then shoots at just that. So, if you have multiple targets to kill, which is not uncommon in a movie that stars a bald Bruce Willis, the gun would have some problems for itself.


1. Death Star (Star Wars)


Perhaps the most popular of weapons in sci-fi history, this weapon is so huge that it is a planet in itself. While not in the same category of the previous entries, I felt it deserving the number 1 spot for being a unique brilliant conception. So, what is the Death Star? The Death Star is a space station, the purpose of which is to destroy planets, blast their enemies, and do all the naughty work that makes sci-fi legends into sci-fi legends. If you have no idea just how big the Death Star is, here are some statistics for you:

The Death Star has a crew of more than 265,000, with thousands of gunners, troops, storm troopers, pilots, support crews, and ship support staff. The Death Star itself contains Blast boats, Strike Cruisers, Support Ships, Land Vehicles, Assault Shuttles, and several other sci-fi weapons like tractor beam projectors, turbo laser batteries, and other interesting stuff.

Oh, and we forgot to mention – it’s an incomplete structure too. Do you realize now how huge it actually is?


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