Top 10 sick sexual fetishes

Paraphilias are known as powerful, sexual interests in sexual acts other than between two consenting adults.  There are approximately over 500 different paraphilias.  Sexual arousal, like allergies, can be caused by anything under the sun, and even may include the sun.  Some may be odd but not illegal.  Others are from twisted, deviant minds.  Their sexual desires go beyond what most consider “normal”.  Delve into the darkest parts of desire and sexual arousal.

10. Erotophonophilia


Animals never kill for sport.  It is man that tortures and kills for the hell of it.  Also known as “lust murder”, this causes arousal from the act of killing.  Most common in serial killers, they find sexual satisfaction in violent fantasies.  This causes the killer to try and make his fantasies real by killing a chosen victim.  These violent fantasies are never really fulfilled and will cause the killer to become more and more violent in his attempt to reach sexual satisfaction.  Usually his victims are ones he finds attractive in some way.  He may kill them before, during, or after having sex.  Afterward, he may strip the corpse, insert various objects into different orifices, and even have sex with the body.

9. Pedophilia


This is one most of us are more familiar with as a sexual fetish.  The pedophile finds himself aroused by very young children and adolescents.  Considered a psychiatric disorder, it is common among victims of child abuse.  Although this is not a criteria for the making of a pedophile, studies show that most pedophiles are men, in rare cases they may be women.

The pedophile sees young children as their primary object of their sexual desire.  Our society sees the pedophile as the most vile of sexual offenders because they prey on the young and innocent, stripping away their childhoods, leaving them scarred for life.

8. Zoosadism


If animals are missing in your neighborhood and your partner seems overly attentive in the bedroom, you might want to check the basement for small furry bodies.  Considered to be a part of sadistic, psychotic behavior, zoosadism is the pleasure derived from the torturing and killing of animals, even insects.  Whether it is pulling the wings off of flies or setting fire to small animals, zoosadism is said to be the precursor to inflicting harm on other people.  Other examples of zoo sadism is squeezing hamsters to death or setting them on fire and putting cats in microwaves to watch them explode.

Going back as far as Roman times, it is said that Emperor Domitian enjoyed catching flies to stick needles in them.  This might seem a minor thing since it happen to insects, but many say this behavior will escalate to small animals and eventually to humans.  Many serial killers started out by maiming and killing small animals and pets.  For example, Jeffery Dahmer is known for harming animals before moving on to kill 17 people.  Other examples are Ian Brady and the “Boston Strangler”.  Nevermind Viagra, just toss a couple of pets in the microwave.  Sick!!

7. Mecanophilia


This is a sexual attraction to mechanical objects, such as bicycles, motorcycles, airplanes, and even helicopters.  It is someone who finds the feel, smell, or colors sexually stimulating.

For example, Mr. Robert Stewart was placed on the sex offenders’ list after he was caught trying to have sex with his bicycle in his home.  An electrician by the name of Karl Watkins was sent to jail for having sex with pavements in 1993.  Edward Smith admits to having sex with over 999 cars, his current love is a Volkwagen Beetle he has named Vanilla.

6. Flatulophilia


This is also known as a “fart fetish”.  It is generally by males who are more visually stimulated than females.  The person actually enjoys the sound and smells of a fart.  It isn’t uncommon for this type of person to ask a complete stranger to fart in his/her face.  An ideal partner for this flatulophile is a very gassy person who loves pinto beans and farting in public.

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