Top 10 sick sexual fetishes

5. Emetophilia


It is an arousal from vomiting or from watching others vomit.  This is also known as a Roman Shower when someone requests to be vomited on.  It involves the sexual arousal from vomiting and may even include intense fantasies of vomit.  This type of philia has various sites dedicated to videos and forums on vomiting.  One such place is Puke Planet where you can satisfy your vomiting fetish by watching various videos and different articles pertaining to the subject.  One known oenophile is Jeff Levy who is known from the Howard Stern radio show.  He is always looking for a woman who will puke on him.[3]

4. Coprophilia


Also known as scotophila, or scat, it is the sexual arousal from feces.  This is not to be confused with coprophagia, which is eating feces. The sexual arousal of feces has many slang terms, depending on how the feces is used.  Such terms for this philia are brown showers, hard sports, and scat spray.

The Cleveland steamer is when someone defecates on their partner.  Then if the person rocks back and forth to flatten it on the person, it is called a Cleveland steamroller, or rolling brownout.

Even experienced scat lovers can find nausea at the borders of enjoyment. “The goal of every true shit eater is to see how much he can eat before he barfs,” contends Rob, a 38-year-old Philadelphia lawyer.

3. Biastophilia


Potentially lethal, this is the sexual arousal from raping an unwilling partner.  The arousal intensifies the more violent it becomes.  Screaming and struggling make the rape more enjoyable for the rapist.  Many couples are known to act out rape fantasies to heighten their orgasmic experience.  It usually involves bondage, physical and sexual violence.  One well-known serial rapist is Robert Leroy Anderson who not only raped but sexually tortured his victims with eyebolts, duct tape, dildo, burning candles, and anal sex.

2. Apotemnophilia


Losing an arm or a leg is a traumatic experience.  But even then you can still find love.  Hopefully not with someone who is an apotemnophiliac.  Such a person finds the act of amputation sexually arousing.  Some have even gone far enough to dismember healthy limbs to achieve orgasmic heights.  At any given time, these individuals will go to doctors to have their healthy limbs removed.  Some going as far as Scotland to find someone to amputate their chosen arm or leg.

1. Necrophilia


Probably one of the most disgusting, bizarre sexual fetish is the sexual attraction to the dead.  Of course, this isn’t just limited to attraction.  Necrophiliacs actually have sex with dead and rotting corpses.  More times than not, these individuals will work in places that give them access to the dead, such as funeral homes and morgues.  Ed Gein is one who enjoys sex with the deceased.  He inspired characters for the movies Psycho and Silence of the Lambs because he was known to wear the skin of the dead.  He would dig up corpses and use the body parts as decoration in his house.  He has inspired many writers and movie directors because of his obsession with the dead.













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