Top 10 ugliest living ocean monstrosities

Imagine walking down a dark ally late at night, and suddenly a mean, ugly mugger walks up to you and demands your wallet or purse (not that you should be walking in a dark ally at night). Now imagine being alone on a different planet surrounded by strange creatures you’ve never seen before. Now combine them both together and imagine yourself in the deep, dark, murky waters of the ocean. These ugly monstrosities really do exist, and I have the top ten right here to prove it.

1O. Black Swallower. Chiasmodon niger

Also known as the great swallower, this ugly mutt can be found in all tropical waters. This fish gives new meaning to the words ‘double chin’. The Swallower has a huge pouch that hangs down from just below its chin to the bottom of its belly, and can swallow another fish twice its size—now that’s a lot of swallowing! Personally, if I were another fish, and saw its ugly mug coming towards me, I swim like hell, and hightail it out of there.

9. Frilled shark. – Chlamydoselachus anguineus


This older than dirt shark has been dubbed the fossil shark because scientists believe it has not changed much since its beginning—which is a crying shame, because he is one ugly shark. The frill shark’s head resembles (yes, I’m going to say it) a penis. What a way to go through life. Perhaps that’s why he sticks to the bottom of the ocean and is rarely seen. Well, I for one, say the less we have to look at him, the better.

8. Oreo-dory – Pseudocyttus maculatus


Found mostly in southern waters, this short fish stays on the bottom as well. This one is creepy as well as ugly. It looks like a fish you caught, and then cut its head off to feed to the cat—it has no discernable body. Its big budging eyes and lack of body make it look like a swimming head, so like I said, creepy and ugly.


7. Lamprey. – Petromyzontidae


ugly-fish-lamprey-2Talk about a squiggly, icky, nasty bloodsucker, well here it is. The lamprey, which is similar to the eel, is identified by its tooth filled, funnel like mouth, with two squinting eyes on both sides of its gross head. These bloodsuckers have been known to attach themselves to other fish and bore a hole right through them—imagine how it would feel to have one of these little monsters boring through your stomach—yikes.

6. Stonefish. – Synanceia verrucosa


This poisonous, chameleon type fish has a mug only a mother could love—and even that is a stretch. It is the deadliest fish in the ocean, and can change its looks to match his environment, which is usually a stone or coral like shape. If you ask me, it looks like a rotten potato with a bad case of acne—Yuk.

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