Top 10 ugliest living ocean monstrosities

5. The Fangtooth – Anoplogaster cornuta


With large, jagged, and crooked fangs protruding from its mouth, and a face riddled with mucus cavities, this little guy could win any ugly contest on earth. It is actually harmless to humans, though it supposedly has the largest teeth in the ocean. Of course, if you stare at him too long, you might puke and choke to death, so maybe it’s not that harmless after all.

4. Long-nosed Chimaeras – Rhinochimaeridae


Cyrano de Bergerac has nothing on this fish. The long-nosed Chimaeras, also known as Rhinochimaeridae, have an unusually long, paddle shaped snout. It lives in tropical seas and snouts (or paddles) his way around. It is a good thing fish do not have arms, because this fish would have trouble picking his nose.

3. Goblin Shark – Mitsukurina owstoni


The Goblin Shark, which looks like the alien from the movie ‘Alien’, is found in all oceans. It has a longer nose than any other shark in the oceans, and swims deeper. Discovered in the waters off Japan’s coast, this pink, freak of nature is defiantly one ugly fish. It is without a doubt, the ugliest and scariest shark I have ever seen.

2. Anglerfish – Melanocetus johnsonii


The Anglerfish, with its loose skin atop of its head, huge lips, and spines and bones sticking out everywhere, not to mention sharp, razor like teeth and what looks like an antenna sticking out from between its eyes, is one ugly monster not unlike baby Alien jumping out of your stomach. This fish just swims around the bottom of the ocean waiting for its pray to play with its loose skin, then gobbles them up. I have played with many weird things in my time, bit I believe I will stay away from this one.

1. Blobfish – Psychrolutes marcidus


blob2Coming in at number one is the most disgusting, revolting creature on the face of the planet. This gelatinous mass of slime lives deeper than any other fish in the sea. Its density is slightly less than water, as it sits at the bottom eating any crap that happens to float by. It looks like that disgusting slime I coughed up last time I had the flu. This fish is close to extinct, because, believe or not, we’ve been eating it—gross.


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