Top 10 unusual last meal requests

panamadeathrowmealLast meal requests are the stuff legends are made of. After all, it is the last thing a person ever eats, before they either make their way upstairs or downstairs- if you believe in that kind of stuff at least. Here are the top ten weird last meal requests that make you believe that humankind still has it in itself to surprise and amuse us – one incident at a time.

10. Anthony Johnson

Alabama, December 12, 2002


The first Alabama inmate to be executed by lethal injection, Anthony Johnson was executed for his role in a 1984 shooting death of a jeweler. Surprisingly, while it was proved that Johnson was not the one who actually shot the jeweler, no one else has ever been charged in this robbery. The death sentence was finally upheld by Judge R. L. Hundley, when a bullet that was lodged in Johnson’s back was found to be consistent with the ones from the victim’s weapon.

Last meal: A sandwich from a Holman Prison vending machine.

Final words: I’d just like to say to my friends I loved them. But they all know that I loved them.

9. James Powell

Texas, October 1, 2002


James Powell was arrested and convicted for the abduction and death of 10 year old Falyssa Van Winkle. She was abducted from a Beaumont flea market, where her mother and step father sold goods. James Powell was a vendor in the same flea market and had even visited the stepfather at his booth the very morning of the killings. He had previous charges on his record of aggravated rape and aggravated burglary for assaulting a woman at her home in Merryvile.

Last meal: One pot of coffee.

Final words: I’m ready for the final blessing. Yeah… good luck with that, Mr. Powell.

8. David Hill

South Carolina,March 18, 2004


David Hill was caught and convicted for the death of a 37 year old police chief, for pulling him over with an expired license plate. Hill did not have a valid license either and was carrying marijuana in the car. David Hill shot the officer in the face.

Last meal: A bottle of Dom Perignon champagne, but that is considered contraband, so he didn’t get it.

7. Lewis Gilbert

Oklahoma, July 1, 2003


Lewis Gilbert and Eric Elliot may be the lowest of lowest scum of the universe, a fact that is mirrored in their 2003 killings. First they abducted and killed a 79 year old woman by shooting her in the head three times. They later approached a couple’s home, took them in the cellar, and shot them three times in the head. Their third victim was a thirty seven year old Oklahoma woman whom they abducted while she was enjoying a fishing vacation. They shot her through the head thrice after they stole her pickup and two or three dollars from her purse. For kicks, they also shot the woman once in the back of the neck. Lewis Gilbert was sentenced to death, while Elliot is serving a life sentence without parole.

Last meal: Half-gallon of vanilla ice cream, a box of assorted cones and a box of Whoppers.

Final words: This is weird, but I’m actually looking forward to seeing God. I’m coming home. Yeah, good luck with that, Lewis.

6. Louis Jones Jr.

Indiana, March 18, 2003


In a classic case of the guard dog killing the chicken, Louis Jones Jr was executed for the rape and murder of an Air Force recruit. Jones had kidnapped the victim at gunpoint and had then raped her at his apartment. He was followed by two soldiers, but he assaulted one of them until he was unconscious. He later drove the victim to a bridge, where he killed her, bludgeoning her to death. The case gained some prominence because Jones was a Gulf War veteran, and many politicians, like Ross Perot and some other senators were of the opinion that the nerve gas exposure during the Gulf War may have damaged his way of thinking – triggering the type of uncontrollable violence that he display on that particular day.

Last meal: Nectarines, peaches and plums. Concerned with his health perhaps?

Final words: The Lord hath chastened me sore: but he hath not given me over unto death.

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