Top 10 unusual last meal requests

5. Peter J. Miniel

Texas, October 6, 2004


errrm…. where’s waldo?

Murder is a messy job, and there are several instances where even the murderer decides against carrying out the dirty deed if something does not go according to the plan, or if some other aspect beyond his control does not take its natural course –This usually means the murder is not premeditated. However, there are a few hardened criminals who actually take pains to ensure that the victim is dead. One of them was Peter Miniel. He and his friend James Russell were at a party thrown by Paul Manier. It was here that Peter Miniel suggested to James that they should rob Paul, which put a damper on the party. Paul Manier was first hit on the head by a beer mug, followed with another clubbing with an automobile shock absorber, and finally, he was stabbed more than thirty times. And what did they get from this murder/robbery? – a stereo and twenty dollars.

Last meal: beef tacos x 20, beef enchiladas x 20, a double dose of double cheeseburgers, pizza w/jalapenos, A fried chicken, spaghetti dinner with salt, half of a cake, chocolate and half of a cake, vanilla, ice cream x 2 (cookies and cream and caramel pecan fudge) one fruit cake, small, two Cokes, two Pepsi, a couple of root beers and oranges squeezed into juice. Hmmm, i think that’s all.

Final words: Into your hands, O Lord, I commence my spirit. Amen. I’m ready.

4. Farley C. Matchett

Texas, September 12, 2006


Farley Matchett had a considerably interesting case, where he was arrested and convicted for the three assaults and two deaths, all for supporting his crack cocaine habit – which was said to be costing around $600 per day. Farley Matchett first killed a 74 year old woman, hitting her with a meat hammer. He had also severely beaten a 94 year old woman who refused to give him money. He then went to a person to whom he was related through marriage and asked him for money. After an altercation he is said to have stabbed the father of four to death. He was arrested when he tried to cash of the man’s personal checks.

Last meal: Four olives and a bottle of wild-berry flavored water.

3. James E. Smith

Texas, June, 1990


James Smith was sentenced and put to death for a robbery-murder in Houston. His weird request of a last meal was apparently for some kind of voodoo ritual, which he never got the chance to perform.

Last meal: A pile of dirt. The request was denied and he settled for a yogurt instead.

Final words: Smith did not make a final statement.

2. Robert A. Buell

Ohio, September 25, 2002


Robert A. Buell was convicted of the murder of 11 year old Krista Harrison after she was abducted from a park right across the street from her home. He had a record of rape, and kidnapping but despite any hard evidence like DNA, he was convicted and sentenced to death. Prison officials had no clue why he wanted to swallow an olive with its pit. They researched, but failed to find, any significance in the request. It his believed however that Buell’s intention was that the undigested olive would germinate into a olive tree from inside of his stomach, 7 feet under. Unlikely. Still no olive tree in his grave.

Last meal: A single black, unpitted olive.

Final words: Jerry and Shirley, I didn’t kill your daughter. The prosecutor knows that … and they left the real killer out there on the streets to kill again and again and again.

1. Philip Workman

Tennessee, May 9, 2007

Philip Workman may be the most controversial execution in recent times. He was arrested for the armed robbery of a Wendy’s in Columbus, Georgia and the death of Lt. Ronald Oliver. His last request was that of a large vegetarian pizza to a homeless man, which was denied. Hearing this, many Rescue Missions and even individuals donated pizzas worth thousands of dollars to the homeless. Workman has previously been on “death watch” three times and has come within hours of execution before being granted stays.

Last meal: A large vegetarian pizza to be delivered to a homeless man.

Final words: I’ve prayed to the Lord Jesus Christ not to lay charge of my death to any man. About two minutes later, with his eyes closed as he gulped, somewhat nervously, Workman uttered a final statement: “I commend my spirit into your hands Lord Jesus Christ”. New evidence has been uncovered that allegedly proves the bullet that killed the officer did not come from Workman’s gun, a .45. Did we get this one right?


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